How to open a combination lock without the code - life hack padlock

what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's held - today we've got

an interesting video and that's how to

open up a combination padlock when you

don't know what the code is so a lot of

people tend to forget what their code is

or you might have an old padlock like

this one here sitting around your house

and you're not sure what the code is so

today I'm gonna show you guys how to

figure out what the old code was and

also how to reset it so this one here is

a three wheel combination lock they

generally come in three or four wheels

the process is going to be exactly the

same this one here is made by master

which is a very good reputable company

makes locks all around the world but

that's not going to stop us from being

able to crack the code so the first

thing we want to always try is the

default code so many people don't change

the code when buying locks and the

default code is triple zero in this case

or if you've got four wheels it'll be

four zeros so let's turn these over to

the zeros lining them all up with that

red line and then pull on that shackle

so once that's open we can then push

that down on the backside and we can

change the code so if you wanted to

change the code you can now change the

code up here reapply that shackle and

that's now changed so what we're going

to do is we're going to scramble this

cover with my hand so that we can't see

what the new code is and we're gonna

have a live example to see how to crack

the code so let's just shuffle this one

here up I'll try and click all of them

in position pull that shackle out close

it and then really scramble the lock so

now we've got a lock that we don't know

what the code is first thing we need to

do line all of these up any number

doesn't matter what it is as long as

it's straight in line with that line

here what we're going to do next

is pull on the shackle we're going to

apply a little bit of tension and what

that does is that causes these wheels to

bind up just a little bit so that you

can feel some sort of feedback from the

wheels you can also hear the difference

in the clicks you might find a bit of

resistance in the wheels and at the same

time you might say the shackle moving

back and forward just slightly so let's

apply a little bit of tension by pulling

on the shackle pushing it away from the

body of the lock and we want to start on

either side so I tend to find the most

most amount of

we'll be on the farthest wheel away so

we'll start on this one here clicking it

over one by one very slowly we want to

listen and feel for any kind of

difference or feedback that comes from

that wheel it tends to usually come

right before the click so I felt that

moved just slightly on the force I'll

leave this one where it is we'll move on

to the next one

possible feedback on number two so we'll

leave that want to move on to the next

one again and I just felt that check or

move so we'll leave this one where it is

we'll go back to the start and double

check again so back on number four this

snail has binded up so what that happens

is once you've got bit too much pressure

on here the will actually bind up so

what you need to do take the pressure

off the shackle move that number back

reapply the tension and check the

numbers again so once again take that

pressure off

once again the feedback is back on the

number four we'll try the middle one

I felt that move slightly

we'll leave that on the seven go back to

the start

does take a bit of time but that's part

of the fun

leave that on the five go back here

back on the two

very constant feedback on this one er in

the fall so I'm pretty sure this one

he's the four could be the first one

that's wrong

and there we have it so that code there

was five seven four and we've now

cracked this code what you want to do

once you've done that once again push

the shackle in reset the code there's

something that you'll remember this time

like triple zero pull it out

reinstall the shackle and we're ready to

go another thing that we can do is

rather than pulling on the shackle with

your hands that tends to absorb some of

the shock that comes through these

wheels what you can do is attach it to

something metal so I'm just going to use

that a belt clip on the back of my

utility knife slop that through and by

holding onto that we're able to get a

little bit more of the impact coming

through and that will give you a bit

more feedback so once again let's reset

this code triple zero open that up lock

it in place we'll scramble it get these

lined up I'm not too concerned with not

knowing the code at the moment and then

once again we'll pull this time using

the metal clip that'll give us a little

bit more of the feedback so once again

line these up into position pull that

tension on and we want to run through

these once again so we'll do a little

bit quicker this time

not getting much feedback on this middle

one we move on to the next one take the

tension off

leave that one on number one start again

from this side

tenshun off

put a little bit of feedback on number

two so we'll try the middle one once

again usually once you're pretty

confident with two of the numbers

because this one here is a three will

with the third will we can just do a

process of elimination try every single

number not too confident at the moment

but we'll just try it

so back to the beginning bit of movement

on zero

get a movement on two and there we have

it guys so there you have it guys

hopefully you've enjoyed the video this

is an easy way to be able to crack the

code I haven't come across a combination

lock that I haven't been able to open

using this method hopefully you've

enjoyed the video as always like comment

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thanks for watching Bills out to