How to open a combination lock without the code - life hack padlock

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what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's held - today we've got

an interesting video and that's how to

open up a combination padlock when you

don't know what the code is so a lot of

people tend to forget what their code is

or you might have an old padlock like

this one here sitting around your house

and you're not sure what the code is so

today I'm gonna show you guys how to

figure out what the old code was and

also how to reset it so this one here is

a three wheel combination lock they

generally come in three or four wheels

the process is going to be exactly the

same this one here is made by master

which is a very good reputable company

makes locks all around the world but

that's not going to stop us from being

able to crack the code so the first

thing we want to always try is the

default code so many people don't change

the code when buying locks and the

default code is triple zero in this case

or if you've got four wheels it'll be

four zeros so let's turn these over to

the zeros lining them all up with that

red line and then pull on that shackle

so once that's open we can then push

that down on the backside and we can