How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode

as soon as you get to this screen click

the home button and yeah hey yo what's

good GG boy [ __ ] wolfy bro for girls

and my friend showed me a trick to do

with your iPhone that I need to share

with every single one of you guys right

now without knowing your passcode guess

what [ __ ] I can't today I'm gonna show

you guys how to hack into an iPhone

without the passcode why would you want

to do this let's say you don't trust

your boyfriend of your girlfriend you

want to see if they're texting some side

[ __ ] person perfect your

relationships probably not that great if

there's no trust but I guess hacking

into the phone could help your mind just

calm down a bit I don't [ __ ] know so

today I'm gonna test it out with my

girlfriend's iPhone because she has a

password this is the phone first of all

what the [ __ ] is this Furby looking ass

thing girls I never understood why you

guys have a full cat on your phone

anyways we open it up we swipe okay

that's the wrong way we're gonna swipe

this way look why do you have a password

Silvia is there no trust in this

relationship hmm what are you hiding

from me a side thing you texting do

something you tell me let me know a

comment section below we're gonna try

entering the phone to to something

whatever okay nope

locks me out again again again alright

we're disabled for a minute okay we're

gonna do it with my phone I'm gonna try

opening my phone let's say I didn't know

my password doesn't work again it

doesn't work what the [ __ ] do we do this

is where Apple you played yourself Siri

is about the hook you boy yep so the

first step hey Siri hey Siri

what the [ __ ] my girlfriend's phone

again hey Siri what's the time are you

[ __ ] kidding me

now my phone goes off gay one more time

hey Siri what's the time alright so the

first thing you want to do once you get

that time to come up is click on to the

time alright then you're gonna get a

screen like this once the time comes up

you want to add your own custom time so

click on the plus and this will come up

and then type in anything at the top so

I'm gonna choose my clock savage town

savage town there you go okay once you

have your location typed in click beside

the location select all will come up hit

select all and then when this option

comes up hit share from here you want to

hit message and then type in someone's

name at the top so the name I'm gonna

hit is qqqq alright qqqq

once the name is typed in hit return at

the bottom and that should turn green

and you're almost there now from here

you're gonna want to click on the name

and then click on it again and then this

should come up once you get on this

screen you want to create a new contact

and then when this comes up you add a

new photo and then you can just choose a

photo from I guess the photos as soon as

you get to this screen click the home


all right there we go so as you guys can

see I am in my phone it looks regular

absolutely [ __ ] zero notifications my

phone's dry as [ __ ] but yeah shout out

to all the relationships I may have just

ended over this little hack also I'm

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lot of you guys out you guys should

definitely try this out like today or

tomorrow because aquas gonna fix it soon

so it's not gonna be working soon so

take advantage of it now and also leave

a comment down below

whose phone you hacked into did you hack

into your boyfriend's phone you've

girlfriend's phone your mom your dad

your friend's phone white magic why'd

you hack in there oh no trust no trust

anyways that is it for this week I hope

you guys enjoyed my back-to-back

uploading I uploaded yesterday I'm

uploading today I'm going crazy and I'll

see you guys next week actually it might

even be before next week with a new

video could be in a few days who knows

it'll be before next week and remember

face sheriff I know would you rather I

say the answer