How To REMOVE Forgotten iPhone 6S 6 PASSCODE Tutorial | UNLOCK iPad Air Mini iPod iOS Password Code

what's up everyone this is Jared Tech

and in this super simple tutorial I'm

teach you guys on how to remove the

password for all your iOS devices so

whether you have an iPhone iPad or even

iPod Touch this quick step-by-step guide

is going to teach you on how to remove

the passcode so you getting using your

device once again so

the simple tutorial works for all phones

tablets and iPod and it doesn't matter

kind of iOS you're on so whether that's

iOS for all the way up to iOS 9 and even

iOS 10 it's gonna work for you so enough

of all this talk and let's get started

so unfortunately this is going to delete

everything off your device but I talked

to Apple and this is the only way you're

able to gain access to your device once

again the first step what you have to do

is find a computer and it has to have

iTunes on it so it doesn't matter

whether it's a Mac or Windows computer

once you do have a computer with iTunes

installed on it you want to connect your

device with the chord and a message

might come up saying you don't have

access to it but that's fine next power

off your device make sure it's still

plugged in then you want to hold down

the power in the home button you're

going to want to keep on holding the

buttons down until you see a Apple logo

once you do see the Apple logo you can

let go the power button but just keep on

holding the home button and then right

after that you're going to see this

connect to itunes button so from here

you can be able to restore it and make

sure that you restored it with a file

that was saved before the passcode then

that's it you completely remove the

passcode off your phone once it's done

restoring which should take about five

to ten minutes if you're locked out of

Windows or Apple computers Android

phones or Windows phones don't worry I

got you guys covered there I have a easy

unlock tutorial on those as well with

this video helped you out please help me

out by giving me that thumbs up it

really doesn't mean a lot to me if this

video did not work for you tell me what

went wrong or what the message is saying

and your iTunes or phone and I can see

if I could try to help you well that's

it for my video I'll see you guys the

next one in this junior tech signing up