How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE iPhone 5S & 5C | iPad Mini iOS | Bypass Password | Unlock Tutorial

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what's up everyone this job reduction

acts until you have a very simple

tutorial for you guys I'm going to show

you guys how to unlock iPhones iPads and

iPod touches and the iOS device that has

a passcode on it this tutorial is going

to help if you do not know the passcode

one thing to know it will delete all the

information on the iOS device but is

worth it if you can't get any access

into the device the other thing you're

going to need for this is your iPhone

iPod or iPod touch

you want to have a record you want to

plug it in and make sure you have iTunes

open alright once you have it all

plugged in you want to hold down the

power and the whole one at the same time

now keep on holding it you're gonna let

go the power button once the Apple logo

pops up right there now you just let go

now since a connect to itunes then on

iTunes all you click is restore and

you'll have your iPhone all setup again

back to factory settings like I said

before this will delete all your

information such as context pictures and

all that but if you do have your device

backed up to iTunes you will not be

missing anything and this works for all