EIDM Training Video: Application Helpdesk

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in this training we will review the

application help desk interface we will

demonstrate how to perform various

helpdesk functions such as unlocking CMS

enterprise portal accounts resetting

passwords and providing multi-factor

authentication assistance to begin

please login to the CMS enterprise

portal accept the terms and conditions

and enter your user ID enter your

password and select the MFA device type

to generate your security code once you

receive the code type it into the

security code field and click login

you can access the application search

and enterprise search options from both

the my help desk and view and manage

users links the application search

allows helpdesk users and approvers ie

approvers using the view manage users

link to search for user accounts that

are associated with applications under

their approval authority the enterprise

search allows helpdesk users to search

for user accounts across all

applications irrespective of users

having a role in an application you can

collapse and expand the sections that

display on the application search in

enterprise search pages to view and