Golf clash what clubs to upgrade from beginner to master.

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welcome back everybody

I have and this is actually a pretty

good one a request about clubs in

general because this person had

mentioned that obviously people do spend

money on this game and a lot of it is

wasted on clubs you're never going to

use so I'm just kind of going to go

through the actual clubs themselves and

like literally tell you through my

experience what clubs you're going to

need and not need no this is entirely

the way I went but you should so take

this into consideration that it might

not be the way everybody else should go

but anyway let's start off with the

drivers so the driver the rocket you're

never gonna use it other than when you

first start you might get it in your

first chest or your second chest and

obviously you want to use it because

it's people anything is better than the

beginner clubs beginner clubs are

horrible so going from there the extra

mile is the club you're gonna get to

probably pretty quickly as well and you

will use the extra mile all the way up

until literally you get the apocalypse

so I know there is ways to use certain

clubs on certain holes but that takes a