Ark: How To Unlock Wyvern , Clown Mask, & Ragnarok

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have you recently been terrorized by

clowns and people in masks and want to

get those masks for yourself while

unlocking ragnarok for a single player

we'll stay tuned for Fatty's helpful


welcome to fatties helpful hints the

show dedicated two quick tips to help

you thrive today I'm gonna teach you

guys how to ascend through arc now yes

the proper way to unlock the Ragnarok

map is to defeat the bosses and all the

difficult well difficulties to progress

to the next level but ain't nobody got

time for that right we want to know the

quick tips so you can unlock those cool

masks and get to Ragnarok fast so what

you're gonna need to do is launch up

into the island the very first thing you

do and you're going to need to bring up

the admin commands for Xbox this is

different than PC and ps4 but what

you're going to do is the left bumper

the right bumper X&Y all at the same

time and that's going to bring up that

admin commands in the Start menu now

from there what you're gonna need to

type in is player command space and you

have to have a capitalized a send one

now what this is going to do is this is