My Little Pony Game Part 162 Father Knows Beast MLP Kid Friendly Toys

hi friendly fans this is part 162 of

them my little pony game I know you guys

are as excited as I am to take a look at

this new limited time story

Father Knows beast first we need to do a

little catching up because a lot has

happened since the last time I did a My

Little Pony video last week we had a new

pony Royal riff in the hotel to earn

royal riff we had to play the Equestria

girls minigame and the minecart minigame

you can see the first thing we needed to

bring were glasses tokens which I also

needed to earn van gallop so I had to go

and earn some more of those oh my gosh

this dragon just crashed landed in front

of me and smolder while she was giving

me flying lessons I think he's hurt and

needs help I told you baby dragons I can

take care of myself I don't need help

from a bunch of castle living ponies oh

wow huh you're not the first stubborn

dragon we've met we can help get you

back on your claws right guys yes do be

careful darling here the first thing you

need is a sling for that injured arm

fully customized and sewn with the

finest silks of course this limited-time

story is called father knows Beast and

the first task is called hoot

hospitality we need to send rarity to

sew sludge a sling at the carousel

boutique it looks like this will take

two minutes Wow rarity is really quick

back to Royal riff we need to earn these

badges oaken's so let's put some ponies

here to earn those and while we're

waiting on rarity let's go ahead over to

the community tab it looks like a Rand

Ulf cake has two ponies already assigned

here the top reward is the historical

forge and the next one is the NYX ler

helm so I'm going to go ahead and assign

the other pony here

let's check out how much smolder cost

she is four hundred gems Grimm EEA

official is 150 gems the male muffinz is

132 gems and solemn Canterlot Marshall

is 150 gems we'll think about that a

little later

it looks like rarity is finished sewing

the sling for sludge leave it to rarity

to make some creature new feel welcome

sludge is looking better already

emphasis on looking sludge seems to love

my extra-special gem cupcakes mmm that

gives me an idea

here's lucky come chase the cupcake so

the next task is called food therapy we

need to send Pinkie Pie to taste test

her Jim cupcake recipe

this will take Pinkie Pie three minutes

to complete let me zoom in here as you

know on these limited time stories there

are usually things that we need to find

around Ponyville and around Equestria

and it looks like these are poor little

orphaned dragon eggs all over Ponyville

so we've got to collect these these will

give you extra comfy pillows for the

limited time story and it will help you

on the community tab oh and while I was

searching for dragon eggs I found three

treasure chests that my friends left me


Pinkie Pie is finished tasting those

delicious cupcakes I think I found my

new workout routine well sludge I know

you had your reservations but it's good

to see you feeling better the things I

guess I never knew physical therapy

could taste so good there's more where

that came from

come on down to the orchard sludge there

you go keep running on that juice

treadmill and we'll have enough juice to

up wait don't drink it all well I guess

it is pretty healthy so the next task is

called an apple a day and we have to

bring restorative juice so it looks like

Big Mac and Applejack if you want to buy

the periwinkle towns Pony then you can

buy her to help you get the reward

faster but I'm gonna try to do it

without buying this pony cloud days

doesn't have lily valley or peachy sweet

yet so let's go ahead and get some of

those ponies that just take gems to help

us out on the community tab while I'm

here it looks like I finally earned

enough of those glasses tokens to get

spend Gallup so let's go ahead and buy

him he goes in sweet Apple acres and of

course this is in cloud days I am still

working on the quest on this account and

remember if you travel around Equestria

you can collect more of these little

baby dragon eggs Oh Lily Valley has

arrived too so let's go ahead and

welcome her to cloud days account

friends with fellow flower ponies Daisy

and Rose Lily Louis has a lily in her

mane and a smile on her face and we can

send her to bond over floral

arrangements with forsythia I finished

the quest an apple a day so the reward

is blush pink towns pony

nothing like juice from sweet apple

acres to get you back on your claws I

mean probably I'm not a doctor nice

going sludge would be cool if you uh

actually flap your wings when you fly

though those wonderful recruits look a

little tired of carrying you sure yeah I

could try harder no problem and

afterwards make sure you come and take a

nice cozy nap in my cottage I fluffed

the pillows extra fluffy for you it'll

make you feel better in no time in no

time huh huh yeah well we'll see about

that I mean I did get pretty banged up I

think I'll need a nice long nap before

I'm in good shape huh I guess I should

be going you're pretty lucky too

friends like these little dragon thanks

but those ponies are more than friends

they're like family to me

I was orphaned as an egg and Twilight

raised me orphaned huh uh well that's

one heck of a coincidence you see I

didn't just accidentally crash land in

Ponyville I was um looking for you spike

I'm your father wait what look I have a

few questions

dad I hope you don't mind but I have a

list of all the things I always wanted

to do with you would you I mean if you

want to well if my son thinks doing

everything on this incredibly long list

is gonna fill the hole in his heart then

let's start with buck ball anypony is

welcome we have to level up blush-pink

towns Pony to three stars and she's

still in my inventory so let's place her

in Ponyville I have to wait 30 minutes

for her house to be built and royal riff

is arriving right away so let's welcome

him to Ponyville

all right let's tap on Royal riff here

he comes

bon bons doing a happy welcome dance

this gentle coat wishes to be a famous

composer with a little more practice he

will win the audience over

and each time you check on your limited

time story don't forget to go into your

community tab and assign your ponies now

we could welcome the blush-pink

town's Pony to Ponyville oh she is so

cute and pink and I love the little

desert cutie mark that mane do started

out as an accident by an inexperienced

stylist but she is really making it work

now that we have the blush pink John's

Pony we can level her up to three stars

for that next quest i have VIP points in

my randolph cake account so I get a 150

times multiplier once a day so we get

these beautiful rainbow color to apples

alright blush pink town pony make sure

you catch all of those alright so we're

just gonna try to catch as many as we

can we do miss a few that's alright

we'll still get a good score so this

will probably level her up all the way

to 5 stars I'm gonna go ahead and fast

forward to the end

yup that took us all the way to 5 stars

so I'm gonna claim that and we finished

up let the games begin

that was so great even when Dad burnt

the ball to a crisp that's so like him

hold on I just want to clear something

up sledge you're saying you crashed here

on purpose there's no time for questions

Twilight we gotta finish this list

what's next exchanging hearths warming

presents no idea what that is but I'll

figure it out for you son no no no no no

sludge this shapeless Rock is it some

sort of paperweight a pillow

don't tell me simply won't suit spike at

all here give him this scarf I just

whipped it up myself

so this quest is called the gift of

re-gifting we need to send rarity to buy

sludges gift from the house of hats

and this will take two hours it's been

two hours it looks like rarity is

finished buying spikes present oh wow

a scarf like this is just what I wanted

my dad knows me so well already hot

swarming in the middle of summer was a

big hit thanks for bringing the snow

Rainbow Dash

right right okay what's next we may can


dope but put on your aprons lunch cuz

we're about to make a dent in your diet

that's right we're baking extra special

together 'no scup cakes here dad see how

you got a hold your claw really still so

you can delicately swirl the homemade

icing so we need to bring 22 governess

cupcakes I'm going to go ahead and claim

these things from the community tab and

when I click on get it's not getting

anywhere I'm not able to do this this is

so sad I've had to do a little sleuthing

and I went to mr. carrot cake who is

supposed to be helping in the community

tab but I don't have Twilight's library

on my randolph cake account because I've

already healed the tree of Harmony so

when you heal the tree of Harmony you

get Twilight's castle instead of

Twilight's library so I went into

customer care and I wrote a note to

Gameloft to see if they could fix this

glitch for me that way I could still

participate in the rest of this

limited-time story the other helper for


cupcake in great task is the disguised

Celestia and I really love this pony so

I'm gonna go ahead and buy it it does

cost real money it's ten dollars that's

called the besties bundle so I get 50

gems and the friendship impressed tiara

along with that and now I will have a

pony to help me with those cupcakes she

is so adorable I am really happy to get

this pony this is the disguised Celestia

and let's welcome her to Ponyville

so she has some really cool details

I love the punk hairdo and the Pegasus


I couldn't notice the special necklace I

wonder if it's magic one day a year

Princess Celestia

used to transform herself into a Pegasus

with changeling magic so she could walk

freely among her subjects would that

make her a Pegasus Celestia now that

she's here we're gonna send her to

discuss cover identities with bonbon

over cupcakes that's gonna take three

hours each time over in a community tab

I have three ponies bringing thank you

throw pillows so let's check and see if

I could get any more let's check out

smolder she brings seven times and she

is four hundred gems so I am going to go

ahead and get that there she is she is

officially welcome to Ponyville let's go

and read her bio the school of

friendships first dragon student smolder

may have been ordered to attend by ember

but a few friendships later she feels

right at home

so her task is to look for replacement

pillows in her dorm and that will take

three hours each time on my cloud days


I haven't healed the tree of Harmony yet

so of course I had no trouble at all

with that one you can see if I click on

the library it is actually Twilight's

home along with some of her friends but

in the other account it is just a

decoration mail muffins is also one of

the helpers and I love this character

and so I'm gonna go ahead and buy her

while she is on sale she's only 132 gems

right now and look at the cute little

mail house that she lives in it's called

the Ponyville post office and here is

the friendship Empress tiara in my

inventory so let's go ahead and input

that somewhere well this is a pretty

clear spot I will move it somewhere else

a little bit later but it

looks beautiful now we could welcome

mail muffins she is adorable I love her

little post outfit and I like the little

post office too yes of course this Pony

has a day job how else would you expect

her to fund her lifelong showing up in

the background hobby so now she has to

deliver a thank-you gifts to the bowling

alley and each time that will take her

two hours and 30 minutes and when I came

back to check now I'm able to assign

mrs. cake and mr. cake so Gameloft must

have fixed the glitch and now I'm able

to participate I was able to finish

cupcake in great yay check mine out dad

are you proud of oh he ate them all so

the reward is called the dragon sneeze

tree I love it

whoo what a meal thanks son making all

those cupcakes for your old dad was a

great idea so anything else you want to

do for me I mean dude together well I

was thinking maybe I could talk to you

about something the truth is I don't

feel very dragonish and I was kind of

hoping you could teach me about that

stuff and and I do actually have some

questions for you like why was i

orphaned as an egg do you think you

could uh dad

this task is called convenient catnap

and we have to wait for sludge to wake

up from his nap it says this is going to

take one day and one hour from the fans

that's going to be the end of part 162

of the My Little Pony game next time I

will continue this limited-time story

and we will finish some quest if you

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