Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - How To Unlock Cloud

yo what is going on guys geo kwinto here

and welcome back to another Super Smash

Brothers ultimate character unlock video

in this one I'm gonna show you guys how

to unlock cloud in the classic mode so

in order to do this we need to launch

classic mode by going under games and

more and we're gonna set this at the

lowest difficulty now we want to play

through classic mode until we encounter

Dark Samus Dark Samus is listed under

what I like to call the random encounter

tree so dark Samus herself doesn't fall

under the preset trees when you start

the game by default and you're launching

up classic mode for the first time

you'll only be able to play as Mario

Donkey Kong linked Samus Yoshi Kirby Fox

and Pikachu

they all have their set character unlock

trees these trees can be intervened

though by Dark Samus who is a completely

random encounter who can break the order

of these trees now once you beat Doc

Samus you can play as the same character

you beat her with to continue her tree

and that is how you're gonna unlock

cloud here so the characters that fall

under the Dark Samus tree are Dark Samus

herself cloud Wario dark pit Richter and

Toon Link now the early of the character

is in said tree for classic mode the

higher the probability that you all

knocked them so cloud is pretty much

guaranteed once you unlock Doc Samus

just keep in mind that you need to beat

her and play as the same character you

beat her with to continue her tree

now once her tree breaks alternatively

you can come back to classic mode later

and play it as any of the characters

that you unlocked in her tree to finish

that out to get characters like Richter

and Toon Link so now up on the screen

I'm gonna close my fight out with her

with one final smash attack and you're

gonna see that we unlocked her for the

roster now I'm gonna skip ahead to me

playing as in sin Aurora a second time

in classic mode after beating her in

starting this tree so this is the result

screen for that this is right after the

final boss me killing it for the second

time as you can see I'm now challenged

by cloud so we're gonna take him out and

we're gonna unlock in to just make sure

that you guys are doing everything in

your power to make sure that you beat

Dark Samus

in your fight with her so you can access

cloud because what's gonna happen is if

you lose to Dark Samus and you'll get

this notification when you lose to your

first secret character ever

in this game you'll see that they're

gonna disappear for quite some time and

you'll be able to challenge them later

so what happens is she falls into this

imaginary pool that essentially puts her

to the bottom of your list for unlock

characters which means that you won't be

able to access cloud because you haven't

beaten her so you won't be able to get

him as early as you should be

alternatively let's say you're watching

this video and you're already unlocked

Doc Samus through other means but you

don't have cloud you're gonna bring doc

samus in the classic mode play through

beat the final boss and cloud should be

the one challenging you because he is

the next one in line for the Dark Samus

classic mode tree there's a high

probability of him appearing and that is

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