10 Ways To Open A Door Without A Key

it happens to us many times our child

relative or friend accidentally or

purposely locks an interior door and we

can't get in this can be annoying and in

some instances dangerous you may not

destroying the door what if you have

just moved into a house and you find a

closet that is locked you need to get

into the space and have access to the

closet what can you do it's very common

to feel helpless in situations like

these if you're locked somewhere

watching this we have a good way to get

you out of the room here's a list of 10

ways to open a door without a key but

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number 10 open a locked bedroom door

without keyhole interior or bedroom

doors are not all the same there are

some that will take a key while others

will have a simple hole in the middle

and there are even some without any kind

of hole but can lock should your door be

one that has just a small hole in the

center it's an easy fix with the use of

a paper clip or some kind of long skinny

item that will fit into the hole it is

possible to push the locking mechanism

place the straight and skinny item into

the hole in the middle of the doorknob

with a little force push the item until

you hear a click this click is the

locking mechanism once you hear the

click the door will be unlocked it might

seem simple but we assure you that it is

not before you ruin the door locking and

never be able to get out use other

methods in the list so you can get out

easily without wasting any time

number 9 using a drill this is pretty

much what it sounds like you use the

drill to destroy the pins so the lock

can turn freely because you're aiming

for the pins you want to drill just

above the top of the keyhole in line

with the threshold between the cylinder

and the position of the pins when

they're pushed free this is called the

shear line you're gonna want to

experiment with different drill bit

sizes start small and lubricating oil

will help it also can't hurt to use a

super powerful drill driver still expect

the process to take some time once

you've drilled all the way through jamb

a flathead screwdriver into the keyhole

and you should be able to turn it

the door will damage the door and the

doorknob definitely so we're not going

to guarantee that you'll be able to get

out without damaging anything you might

need a new lock and if you're lucky just

a lock otherwise the whole door number 8

open with a card if your door has a

lever style lock then a card will be the

best tool to get in when choosing a card

it's important not to choose one that

will matter should it get damaged your

debit credit or other similar cards will

not be good options during the process

they may become damaged and we wouldn't

want to be without those your

identification card or insurance card or

ok options but could become bent or

scratched choosing a card such as a

store rewards card library card or other

easy to replace cards is best these type

of cards are quick to replace or can be

used without a physical card to unlock

the door is fairly simple slide your

card in the gap between the door and the

door jamb to get it past the locking

mechanism you may have to do some

wiggling or maneuvering but as you swipe

your card and press against the latch

the door will unlock for some doors it's

best to lean against the door so that

there is a little pressure that pressure

may help engage the lock more securely

when you're sliding the card down it may

take several tries to be able to catch

the mechanism completely also if it

doesn't work when you slide the card

down try sliding the card up it's

possible that the door is put together

wrong or that you'll get a better push

on the latch with an upward swipe number

seven how to open a locked door with a

knife this method is very similar to the

card method it should also be noted that

using a sharp knife will result in

injury for this to work you need a

butter knife or spreader something

without a sharp blade you will place the

knife between the door and the door jamb

slide it down quickly while leaning

against the door and the door will

unlock this may take a couple of tries

or you may find that you need to slide


number six the scrubbing method picking

the lock sounds much easier than it is

there are several methods and generally

this will take a little more skill than

sliding something to disengage the door

latch for this to possibly work you're

going to need an allen wrench and an

unbent paperclip with a crook at the end

place the allen wrench in the lower edge

of the keyhole with slight pressure turn

the lock as you would with a key

pressure needs to remain stable and then

place the paperclip into the lock with

this method you will push the paperclip

at the lower part of the keyhole and

lift it back up words repeat this in a

circular motion while steadily

increasing pressure with the allen

wrench eventually the lock will shift

and as you repeat this door will unlock

number five pin by pin method should the

scrubbing method not work you can try

this keep steady pressure on the Allen

wrench and gradually place the paperclip

in as the paperclip comes into contact

with the pin attempt to catch it on the

bend and lift upwards until it snaps

into place repeat this with multiple

pins until the lock will turn number

four removing hinges if none of the

other methods were successful then

removing the hinges may be another

possibility to do this you will need a

flathead screwdriver and a hammer or

mallet place the screwdriver in the

bottom of the knuckle and the pin on the

door tap the handle of the screwdriver

in a downward motion once they're loose

enough remove the head and pin you will

need to repeat this for all of the

hinges this will not be easy and may

take some force to complete sometimes

it's more successful to only force the

pin out using a Phillips head

screwdriver number three using a

screwdriver residential interior doors

like those on bathrooms and bedrooms

lock for privacy but aren't really made

to be impassable the non-locking side of

the door should have a small hole likely

on the face of the knob inside is a

small button that needs to be pushed to

unlock the door

you simply need a straight stiff tool to

unlock it a small screwdriver in some

cases the lock will require you to

insert a tool and twist for that the

screwdriver will be indispensable but in

a pinch you may be able to hammer the

tip of a paperclip flat or if that is or

if it isn't clear already you should

really just carry around a spam key

another option for door knobs that are

designed to have a lower level of

security that is to remove the doorknob

and disassemble the lock on some knobs

the mounting screws are obvious they

usually call for a Phillips head

screwdriver on others you'll need to

remove a series of pieces like the shank

the Rose etc before you get down to the

mounting screws in that case a flathead

screwdriver can help you release the

mounting mechanisms that hold those

extra pieces in place and with that it's

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video number two it seems like the

picture is photoshopped as we weren't

able to find anything related to it on

the Internet it would be almost

impossible for anyone to use a banana or

any fruit to open a door lock if you

don't have a key if that was possible

any robber wouldn't need any tool just a

banana to get into any home maybe a

fruit could be used to jam the locking

mechanism that's how someone got the

idea to edit this video but we don't

think anyone has ever been able to open

up a door with any fruit let alone a


number one when nothing seems to work

if you've tried everything to unlock the

door and nothing is working then you

have some other options one would be to

kick in the door this may destroy your

door the doorknob and the frame it

definitely should be the last resort and

only in emergency situations the other

option that will work in emergency

situations is to take out the lock with

a hammer

this will only destroy the doorknob and

may play some dings on the door for this

take a hammer and repeatedly smash the

doorknob this will break the doorknob

from the door effectively unlocking the


the third option which is less invasive

is to use the claw of the hammer to pry

the door open use some sturdy cardboard

to put behind the hammer so that you

will not scrape the wall then you can

wedge the claw the hammer into the door

where the latches with some force it may

be possible to pry the door open some

damage may occur to the door doing this

and you may have scratches or chip away

the paint another thing to note is you

could cause damage to the doorknob and

may have to replace it perhaps after

such procedures there will be a need to

replace the lock with a new one check

out our list of the best mortise locks

and they won't let you down that's our

list of 10 ways to open the door without

a key which one helped you tell us in

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