Halo MCC - How to Unlock NEW Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3 (YOU CAN FLY) - Easy / Fast Method

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Methos guides hey everyone Mackey here

and in today's video I'm playing halo

the Master Chief collection you may be

wondering why and that's because they

added some new seasonal content if you

go to your challenge hub and go to Halo

3 celebration they actually added a new

skull to the game called acrophobia

which is the fear of flying in order to

earn this new skull you need to get 343

kills on flying enemies in Halo 3 on at

least normal difficulty now the fastest

way to grab this is to go on crow's nest

rally point charlie make sure you are on

the normal difficulty and then start it

right up now with this method it'll only

take you about ten or maybe fifteen

minutes to grab the skull and it's one

of the most fun skulls I've ever had the

chance of playing with now from the

beginning of the rally point charlie

checkpoint just work your way through

until you get to the bomb room and then

take out all of these brutes and I

believe that is a chieftain in the back

who is of particular interest as they

carry a fuel rod cannon which we will

need to run to take out all of the

enemies in the bomb room we're going to

grab the fuel rod cannon as our main