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back to a brand new clash l video on my

channel and in today's video I'm gonna

be showing you guys the best ways to get

legendary cards in clash Royale now as a

side note I would like to tell you guys

that as a free-to-play player I've

managed to get about 5 or almost 6

legendaries in this month without even

sending a single penny on the game or

using any kind of gems in clash Royale

so hopefully this allows you to trust me

a little more also guys just to make it

a bit better and organized

I actually categorized every single

method of getting these legendaries in

order so it's gonna go from the worst

way to the best way so the work so the

first few ways that you might here in

this video you probably already know

them so do not leave the video and say

watch until the end to see the best way

of getting the legendary cards without

being said guys let's get right into it

now the first way to get legendary cards

is to open up your chest now obviously

everyone knows this who plays clash

Royale and now if you don't basically

you can get a legendary out of any

chests in class rail and yes I do know

that you have breaches and silver chests

and yes you can actually get a legendary

out of a free and silver chest if you

are a very low-level now the reason I

put this as my first one is basically

because everyone knows about this and if

I like this is this this method is

actually pretty good because you can get

in a legendary unexpected out of any

test but everyone knows about it so I

decided to put this as my first one now

going on to the second one is to do

battles now this one connects to my

first one basically when you do some

battles and guess you don't know or

you're just new to the game you get some

goal right with the goal you can

actually use two by Legendary's from the

shop not only do you get that you can

actually also get a crown saw your crown

chest and your clan chest which helps to

contribute more to those chests and the

final you also get a chance this is how

it relates to my previous one basically

to do the set point you have to do step

two in order to get the chest you have

to do some barrels so basically I had to

include this in it because this is also

another way of getting these legendary

cards now guys let's go on and jump into

the better ones which not a lot of

people know about but I kind of wanted

to talk about them now this one is to

buy gems now as you can see in the title

I said that how to get gems for free you

don't have to spend any money now now

you probably are wondering how the hell

do you buy gems without spending a

single penny well basically you're you

guys a us can go ahead and use the

third-party apps like cash or apps and

free my apps you know the ones that

bigger youtubers use you can actually

use those and actually get a couple of

gems not really a couple of gems a ton

of gems well I'm not talking about like

thousands of gems but you can get some

yourself some gems for free and maybe

buy like one or two legendaries with

those so I had to include that as well

now keep in mind you're not gonna get a

ton of like it's not a chance for this

method so you don't please don't quote

me on that okay now jumping onto the

fourth one guys which is a lot better

than that one is to be active and do

challenges now being active obviously

connects to my first and second one

basically the more battles II - the more

goal you get in order to buy legendaries

and the more chests you open the better

chance it is to get a legendary well if

you do challenges and no I'm not talking

about the grand challenges because I'm

pretty sure no f2p player can afford a

Grand Challenge maybe just one but not

like you know hundreds of grand

challenges over here I'm actually

talking about a class

the challenges because classic

challenges are very underrated

I managed to get an infernal dragon out

of my level a classic challenge chest so

as long as you getting eight wins out of

your chest you're actually doing pretty

good and you have a pretty good chance

of getting a legendary because if I did

then I'm sure you can as well so it the

more active you are the better the cards

you are and the better you're gonna be

doing at challenges meaning the more

Wednesday get the more legendary is you

guessed you see how it's all connected

well that's how it's connected now guys

let's jump into our last two a ways of

getting legendary is now the second last

is being opening up your crown chest and

your clan chest now guys you guys know

about the crown chest so it also

connects to my previous parts basically

the more active you are the more crowns

you get so basically you can get a crown

chest every single day and you should

not be missing a crown chest because if

you guys don't know you can actually get

two crowns in or two crunches in a row

if you don't if you're inactive in the

game but you can't get any more than

that because you have to wait a certain

time one day to get your next crown

chest so you can unlock that so make

sure you're active and you get a ton of

battles and crowns so you can have your

crown chest and the clan chest guys the

more battles you do the more active you

are the more you contribute to your clan

chest and your clan as well and not only

are you helping yourself out with the

chests but you're also helping out your

clan mates because if you get a level 10

clinches which honestly it's not hard to

get if you are if you actually do a ton

of battles you're also getting your

other clan mates and helping them out by

giving them better cards now believe it

or not but guys I've gotten a lumberjack

out of my clan chest my first class has

actually got a lumberjack out of it so

again if I got one I'm sure you can get

that as well now even if you don't get a

legendary out of your clan chest or your

crown chest the other cards and the

amount of gold that you get is actually

enough for you to save up and buy

Legendary's from the shop

now last but not least guys the final

and the best way of getting these

legendary cards is to do donations no no

you might be wondering how the hell do

you get Legendary's well when you donate

basically you're giving away your cards

and you're basically getting gold and in

exchange for your cards that's basically

how it works and unfortunately though

this works only for arena tens and above

so if you're an original arena eight and

nine you can actually follow this method

because you're gonna be getting into

your net ten no problem in just a couple

of weeks I'm sure if you're good if and

if you're an active player so you can

also follow that but it only works for

you know ten players but anyways when

you donate you get a ton of gold right

basically you get 50 get 50 gold for

donating a rare car and you get like I

don't know like you get two gold for

donating one comment I'm not sure about


you guys can fix me in the comments down

below but when you donate you can get a

ton of gold and that connects to my

other previous points as well because

the more gold you have you can actually

buy gems legendaries from the shop for

forty thousand gold so the more you

donate basically the more gold you have

and the more gems do more legendaries

you get now just to support this last

point I would like to tell you guys

about my own experience on in all in one

week I can usually get up to 40,000 gold

yes in just one week but that's only if

you donate a ton of cards including the

epic Sunday because like ever since the

epic Sunday came out you're suppose

you're allowed to get so much gold guys

and usually if I'm very very active and

donate a ton of epics on and up epic

Sunday I'm usually able or allow I'm

usually able to get something like

around 10k court small K gold and I know

that's a lot that seems a lot but trust

me guys the first time you do it it

might seem like a lot of grinding and

all that kind of but the more you

do it the more Segel you save up and the

more lesnar use you buy form the shop

the easier it gets

I don't know how it does not change

anything but it actually gets the easier

yeah it actually gets easier the more

you actually do it guys that wraps it up

for today's video hopefully yes it

enjoyed again don't forget about the

giveaway that I'm hosting and you guys

already know about that if you did not

follow the methods you have to like this

video comment and subscribe by enabling

the notifications down below it is as

simple as that guys and hopefully you

guys can get some free legendaries and

I'm sure about it that I actually did

miss a couple of you know good steps but

trust me guys I'll make a updated

version about on this a few months later

because obviously it needs to be updated

with the new ways of getting legendary

so don't if you have a way to get a

legendary let me know in the comments

down below as well and I will give you a

shout out if the method actually does

work now this is all the ways to get a

free to get free legendaries as a ftp

player so everyone can use these ways

now hopefully you guys did enjoy this

video and you know get some free

legendaries by following all of this

methods just to quickly you know

conclude this video by opening of chests

by the opening of your crown chest and

your clan chests by being active by

doing battles by doing challenges

classic challenges and by using free my

apps and cash for apps you're able to

get a ton of legendaries but don't

forget about the donations guys the best

way that i use and with this method i'm

able to get five or six legendaries in

just this one as a ftp player without

even sending vid

even spending a single penny on this

game so if I can do it I'm sure you guys

can do it as well

well that's wraps it up from this video

right here guys hopefully you guys did

enjoy it or learn something new I'll see

you guys tomorrow or two days later

until then stay awesome and peace out