The Division 2 How To Unlock Clans & Manage Them!

so before you can use clans in the

division - you first need to recruit

Rayce Larson by upgrading your

settlement to level two to do this you

need to progress to the point in the

story where you unlock the first

settlement which is called the theater

and this is done pretty much at the very

beginning of the story once you have the

theater settlement you'll just have to

keep following these story missions

which will reward you with settlement

upgrades to know which missions give you

these settlement upgrades just hover

over it on the map and it will display

the mission rewards on the left side it

should say theater settlement upgrade

you don't have to do these in any order

just do whatever story mission you want

as long as it says theater settlement

upgrade don't get these confused with

these side missions that say something

like theater upgrade water filtration or

theater upgrade game corner it needs to

just say theater settlement upgrade just

about every story mission has these and

I don't believe these side missions do

these side missions usually reward you

with a small upgrade for your base like

the game corner those don't count for

these same progression that we get grace

Larson from when you reach level 2 by

completing two of these missions you

should unlock grace Larson just go talk

to her at the top of the theater city at

the settlement progress table and you

can recruit her and you'll be able to

join or start your own clan to manage

your clan or start a clan or look for

clans and all that sort of stuff just

pause the game and go to the plan

section on the left you can now find one

by telling the game what kind you're

looking for like more of a chill PvE

clan or more of a serious one focused on

PvP or both PvP and PvE once you're on

the find clan screen if you look at the

bottom there's an option to search for

the clan by name by pressing X on xbox

one or square on ps4 on the right is

your inbox where your invites in that

sort of stuff will be make sure at the

bottom of the screen it says receive

invites is on so that you can receive

invites from other players if you have

that off you will not receive invites

you can also start your very own plan

and it has quite a bit of customization

to it you can set times of when the clan

is most active if you focus more on PvP

PvE or both if the clan is more relaxed

or more serious and you can set it to

open so that you don't have to invite

players to it you can just let everyone

join if they want before your clan can

level up and progress and get rewards

and all that sort of stuff you need to

have at least four clan members so

before starting your own you might want

to make sure you have at least four

members if you guys have a clan already

or are looking for a clan make sure you

guys leave some comments down below and

maybe you'll find some clan members if

you hit RB or r1 or just go to the next

tab you can check your inbox or change

the settings

or customize the Klan logo holding r3

will give you the option to disband the

clan if you want to invite somebody to

join you simply have to go over to the

roster and click add member and if you

want to kick somebody or promote them

you just have to click their name and

it'll give you different options if

you're in a game with somebody that you

want to invite you can actually just

inspect them instead of having to type

in their whole gamertag but that's

pretty much it if I missed anything or

you have any additional tips let me know

down in the comments and if you want to

join my clan just search for Astro Civ

it's the same name as my YouTube and

it's an xbox one client I don't think

there's any cross play in here yet but

maybe one day thanks for watching guys

see ya