You are the Master of Your Psychic Abilities

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we're all born psychic what happens is

we start school at the age six or seven

we're born using the right side of our

brain and what happens we start school

where we have to learn math spelling

listening to teachers and we leave that

right side and the analytical side comes

in the left side so the psychic your

psychic ability your natural intuition

gets pushed aside how many times have

you met someone you knew if you like

them or didn't like them you don't know

why but something was telling you

sometimes you may be thinking of someone

you haven't seen in a long time what

happens if you pick up the phone there

they are you run into them in the street

synchronistic events happens all the

time these are signs of psychic ability

but what happens as humans we explain it

away when you meet someone that you just

thought of you're like how weird is that

what a coincidence no it's psychic

ability your psychic ability your

intuition it is there for you so that's

why I did this course that Hay House

asked me to do psychic ability made

simple it doesn't take a guru or saw a

transcendent master or someone who is