How to Rent a Citi Bike in NYC

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here's how you go about running a city

bike for the day

first you locate a city bike kiosk then

you'll pay for a day pass at the time of

this filming a day pass is $12 insert

your card into the reader and make the

payment you'll then be given a four

digit code to enter into the keypad

located next to the bike

a green light will appear when the bike

is unlocked from the bike rack

remove the bike from the rack and adjust

the seat to about hip height it's

advised to wear helmet when riding a


you do not have a helmet watch my video

on where to run a bicycle helmet in New

York City you are now ready to go bike

riding here's some footage of biking

around New York City


you'll notice a bell on the handlebars

use it to alert others when passing be

mindful of pedestrians and vehicles

you must yield to pedestrians in the

crosswalk keep two hands on the

handlebars and be prepared for bumpy

road conditions at times and to stop if