βœ… How To Lock CitiBank Credit Card On Mobile App πŸ”΄


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we're talking about Citibank and

more specifically we're talking about

how to lock your Citibank credit card so

let's go ahead and talk about this first

off if you're not familiar with Citibank

it is one of the largest banks in the

u.s. it might be international I'm not

too sure if you happen to know be sure

to leave a comment below but what we're

talking about is how to lock your city

credit card so why would you need to do

that well that's a pretty easy question

to answer if you're like me and you're a

dummy and have lost or misplaced your

credit card you know how much of a

hassle it is to order a new credit card

from the bank only to find out a few

days later that the credit card or debit

card was in your pants wallet or maybe

in the laundry and what happens is if

you report the card lost or stolen then

the bank closes the account down

completely and changes the credit card

number and then you have to wait for a

new one to be mailed to you the nice

thing about these days is you can report

your card as a freeze and what that does

is it freezes the account to help avoid

any new transactions on that card and

then if you happen to find it a few days

later then you can just unfreeze the

account and the neat thing about that is

the credit card number stays the same

the expiration date and the three-digit

code remain the same so here's an

example of that so if you are using your

card out on the weekend and then you

wake up the next day and you don't have

your card in your wallet you can

immediately put a freeze on it and that

way if you left it at the bar or at a

restaurant whoever has that card they

can't go out and purchase things at

Target so how do you do that first off

is you can actually take care of this

through the mobile app I here's the

mobile app for city it's this blue white

and red one if you don't have the app

already be sure to check the video

description I'll try to leave a link

there but I'm gonna go ahead and open

the app now all right here's the app

right now the home screen and what you

want to do is go ahead and login if you

have your thumbprint or your face ID

registered you can use that I'm gonna go

ahead and enter my credentials now all

right I went ahead and entered my


I'm gonna go ahead and login now all

right so I've logged into my credit card

account this is the home screen so it's

gonna go over things like your current

balance your available credit your

credit limit a lot of different options

including making a payment but we're not

gonna worry about that what you want to

do is click right here on the bottom

left city makes it really easy it's


card and it just floats on top of the

menu so it's one of the first options

that you can choose when you log into

your credit card account so I'm gonna go

ahead and click there now all right I

went ahead and click there and this is

the information that pops up right here

so one thing I want to make clear is

locking your card is not the same as

reporting it lost or stolen so lost or

stolen what that means is the card is

lost completely and there is no chance

of you finding it or stolen that's

self-explanatory if somebody steals your

card from you or from your vehicle or

from your house something like that if

you report your card lost or stolen the

credit card number will change the

account number will change

however with temporarily locking your

card and unlocking your card they say

it's going to block any new purchases

and cash advances and it allows

recurring transactions so if you have

like a gym membership or payments those

will continue on that particular account

so how do you lock it it's this nice

little slider button right here actually

looks like a slider but it's a press

button so right now my card is active so

if I go to the store and want to buy

something it's not going to be an issue

because I want to lock it I just click

this button I'm gonna click there now

all right once you click that button it

says right here that turns from green to

red and now it says locked and also I

get this pop-up that says your card is

now locked I'm gonna click OK all right

so now if there are any new purchases

attempted with this card it will not go

through so this is kind of a handy

function especially if you are worried

about fraud or someone stealing your

account this might be a little bit

overprotective but it is an option for

you to keep that locked at all times

and then if you want to make a purchase

you just click unlock log back in and

click unlock I'm not too worried about

that so I'm gonna go ahead and unlock

this card now I'm gonna click on this

button all right now you can see this

pop-up it says your card is now unlocked

I'm gonna click OK so that is how you

lock and unlock your city credit card if

you feel like it might be lost or you're

having trouble finding it if you know an

easier way to lock and unlock your city

credit card be sure to leave me a

comment below let the rest of us know

hopefully you found the video useful if

so click thumbs up and hope to see on

the next one thanks again for watching