How to unlock a door with a circle lock

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what's up guys today I'm gonna be

showing you how to unlock a door like

that with the little hole I just figured

out how to do this cuz I use it to get

one of my things and in my brother's

room so you're gonna want some kind of

thin like this nail is pretty fun or

maybe a screwdriver but you see the

doors locked for a year so it's locked

what you want to do it you want to put

it in here it's pretty sad board you got

to put some parts on it too good so once

you get in and I feel it tight if you

turn it there you can turn this way too

tight you turn it this way it'll feel

tight you want to turn whichever way

you're gonna turns to lock so just

locked it you can lock it to this like

so you know one luck so I'm gonna try it

on my room and then someone lock the

door like

you gotta get that sweet guys