Chrysler 300 unlock door without key

hello guys today I'm gonna make a video

about my Chrysler 200 so what's going on

is that I forget I started the car and I

let it warm up since it's called a

little bit and what happens that when I

close the door and all the door lock by

itself and the keys is inside the kites

morning everything so now I need to hire

a way to open that door and to get that

key back so that's what I'm trying to do

right now I will show you guys are the

trick that I'm gonna use to open that

door because every door all the doors

are closed right now in big keys inside

the kite warning the kite shot right in

it's Sunday so just water sigh to wake

up and go to church and that's happened

okay so the thing is I'm gonna need to

do that it's you see that strength I

will use these and my flat screwdriver

alright as you can see I put in what I

did right hits that in the strength and

yet it a little bit long and trying to

see if I can use it to get that door


alright guys I will show you what I'm

gonna do

alright the first thing is that I'm

trying to pull this just a little bit so

I don't I don't want to scratch the door

alright just a little bit that's why I

go in that the in that part this part

it's a black a black by a marrow

so it doesn't have any paint on it so

that's why I put the first screwdriver

and that side not here because that's

the paint I don't want to scratch it

alright you just try to pull it a little

bit to get the little strength the

string and just trying to get it low

just like this alright so as you can see

get this rail just like this and I can

get the flat screwdriver out so now I'm

trying to pull it down

you see just like this and I would have

to do it at the puffed up with the bow

you see what what oh I get it I just get

it you see the string you just already

in there in that's the that does that

hand in the other hand it just right

here yeah so i will see if i can put the

camera somewhere that you guys can see

exactly what i'm doing to get that that

piece of hope and so i'm trying to see

if i can put the camera somewhere or if

I can find someone to hold it for me and

I can show you guys what I did okay guys

so I get some someone that gonna keep

that the camera for me and you guys can

see what I'm doing


all right so I want you guys to see

right now where my

all right so push my head you can see

trying to put it down for the rope down

like this then right now what I did is

that as you can see I get the Rope I

don't know if you guys can see that

because if you guys can't see what I'm

trying to show because it's so sweet

it's so sunny all right

you see I get that rope tight in here

you see just get it tight yeah just get

it tight like this so now I'm trying to

pull the book hand again hard to tied it

to to get the Rope tight and in that

thing in that plastic thing and after I

can pull the loop up and I can open the

door for me all right

so right now that's what I'm trying to

do right now so I'm trying to keep

stretching this

all right so I put another force is now

it's time I'm good now yeah that's that

was the same and I trying to show you

all right daddy that's you see I I get

the rope just tight enough indecent put

it up and it's yeah it's it's opened a

door for me pretty easy buddy

yeah that was really nice it was really

nice so I don't have to go to Lucas meet

lots me too

to pay to open or stuff like this so I'm

gonna show you guys I make that things

so when you basically you get the work

like this get that hoe and you will have

to have it I don't know the are they

college basically in English you just

put it like this like and each time when

you get that plastic in there like this

which I'm try to to pour it like this

you see I tight my finger you know as

soon I slide my finger like this and now

you can just put it up and it's gonna

open better all right yeah basically

that's was the the trick that I use to

open that door I hope you guys can like

enjoy the video and also use it to to

open your car doors too all right thank

you guys for watching