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what's going on guys Christian here and

today I'm bringing you a video on how to

get terrarium on your google chromecast

it's a pretty simple process but for

those of you who know anything about the

chromecast you know that you can't

actually install an app on the device so

in order to work around that you need to

get an app on your phone so we're going

to install terrarium onto your phone and

then from there you can cast it on to

your Google chromecast in this video I'm

going to be doing it on an Android

device I have a Galaxy s8 here for

pretty much any Android device it'll be

very similar to this process if you are

on iOS I believe they do have an app for

it however I'm not going to cover that

in this video so I'll either have to do

a video later down the road if you guys

want that or I'm sure there's a video

somewhere on YouTube on how to get it

installed onto an iOS device and then

you can see here on how to get it on to

your chromecast from there so to get

started you're going to want to open up

a web browser on your device and then

from there we're going to go to the URL

bar and type in what I have down in the

description below it's gonna be bit ly /