How to Factory Reset any Chromebook - Wipe Personal Data, Clear All Info

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hey guys my name is Oliver Leopold back

with another YouTube video so you're

looking and trying to figure out how to

reset your Chromebook well I'm gonna

show you how and it's just gonna take a

second you don't even need to be logged

into your Chromebook and you just need

access to a few keys on your keyboard

here's the thing though if it is

connected to a school or business or

anything like that it's going to be a

little more difficult and I'm going to

explain why at the end I won't have a

solution for you today but I'm gonna

explain why it's so difficult when

you're connected to a school or a

business okay so here's what we need we

use the Escape key the Refresh key and

we need the power button on this

Chromebook particularly the power button

is right here on the side yep it's on

the side of the Chromebook but usually

it'll be in the corner of the keyboard

so I'm gonna click escape refresh and

then that power button alrighty this

screen will pop up this is the Chrome OS

is missing or damaged this is completely


we're gonna click control D and then

enter once the next screen comes up it