How to remove delete or bypass password on any chromebook

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hey guys today I want to show you how to

bypass a password on a Chromebook this

is the exact model number there but it

will work on any Chromebook basically so

it's what you got to do let's power on

the the laptop or the Chromebook and

it's you're gonna see that I have I have

two accounts there to password so to

bypass that what you got to do is we're

gonna add another person and you're

gonna log in with a Google account gonna

stop the video here and log in with my

Google account

alright guys when you log in with your

Google account it's gonna take you to

the main page right here then you're

gonna go right here you're gonna click

here on the right hand side and you're

gonna go to settings

alright we add settings right here we're

gonna go down we're gonna click on here

and go down as you can see I mean with

my Google account and we're gonna go to

show bench settings right there alright

and we're gonna go down you're gonna go

down and see all the settings alright

we're gonna go to power watch right here

we click on power watch and restart

we're gonna click on restart and we wait

and see if we remove the password on the