*FAST* HOW TO UNLOCK CHROME IN GTA 5 ONLINE! (Easy Chrome Paintjob Unlock)

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yo what's up guys my name is hackie and

welcome to a brand new video here on the

channel today i'm going to be showing

you guys how to unlock the chrome paint

job in gta 5 online and you think it's a

pretty basic thing and almost everybody

has it but you'd be surprised a good

amount of people

actually don't have chrome whether it's

beginners or just people that never took

the time to actually unlock it and so

this is aimed more at beginners or once

again people that just never took the

time to unlock chrome and the reason i'm

making this video is because

actually last year i saw a statistic

that there's been 140 million new

players to gta 5 online which is the

most amount of players since

launch of the game which is absolutely

mind-blowing it just shows how popular

this game really is and it's crazy that

it's this popular eight years after


now just before we start this video if

you go on to enjoy it and it does go on

to help you out take a second to drop a

like on it that'd be awesome also if

you're new to the channel go ahead and

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