Nier: Automata How to Increase Chip Capacity!

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greetings citizens of the internet I'm

static buzz and I'm in here playing some

near automata and that means that I've

been searching the community for tips

and guide videos to see how to become a

better player and whatnot one thing that

all the tips and tricks say for the

early game is to update upgrade your

memory so that you can hold more chips

one thing that they fail to do in all

the videos I saw is to show you where to

do that so that's what I'm gonna do in

this video now if you're not aware of

what I'm talking about when it comes to

memory and chips if you go under your

menu here and go to skills you will have

plug-in chips you will get these while

you're traveling around you can buy and

whatnot basically these are skills and

attributes bonuses that you can put into

the slots on the right there now as you

can see the bottom part is greyed out

has a locked on it which means I can't

use it so if I was to go down here to

one that I haven't used yet and I want

to use it I can't use it without

overwriting something that I already

have so what I'm trying to do is expand

it so that I don't have to overwrite

what I have currently and I can use some