how to unlock MICKEY & FRIENDS Secret Characters in DISNEY CROSSY ROAD | iOS, Android

hello guys today we'll be playing Disney

Crossy Road and I'll be showing you how

to unlock all these secret characters in

the Mickey and Friends section so in

this section of the game as you know

there are all of these different

sections based on movies and different

categories and in this section and

making friends section there are three

secret characters they are Mortimer chip

and then Dale so here's how to unlock

Mortimer you gotta be playing as Mickey

who you get from the start so you don't

have to do anything extra and as you

play you have a chance to see this field

just in the middle as you keep going and

there's a chance that in the middle of

this field they'll be Mortimer so you

see him there when you go up to him

he'll whip out his guitar once you do

that once you start singing you'll

unlock him so when we go to play our

next game it says Mickey found Mortimer

and we unlock - Mortimer mouse so he's

fairly easy to unlock probably the first

secret character you're going to be

unlocking if you just started the game

and then we get in the next couple of

ones so the next character I believe is

going to be Dale and what you doing this

for Dale is uh unlock the crazy critter

set now I'm actually not sure what

characters make up the crazy critter set

I know for sure that gargoyle is and

probably Dale since he is another

chipmunk but you're going to want to

just try to collect all the different

characters that look like they would be

crazy critters I'm really not sure let

me know what you would work for you in

the comments below update a list in the

description so you guys can check that

out but you have to do that in order to

unlock Dale and then for chip he's

fairly we're a little actually that was

chipped here's Dale for Dale you've got

to collect the Fab five set of

characters which are polka dot Minnie

Mickey of course donald goofy and then

Pluto you got to unlock all five of

those characters there's the core Disney

characters and then you'll unlock Dale

and those are all of the characters in

this game guys or in the Mickey in front

section a lot of the characters in this

game just as an overview have to be

unlocked by unlocking other characters

which is kind of unique I guess it's

different than regular Crossy Road and

it's kind of unfortunate because really

at the end in order to unlock all of the

characters in the game you're going to

have to or all the secret characters

you're going to have to unlock all the

regular characters which will take a lot

of time there's only around four I think

characters that can be unlocked by

playing the game itself and not

unlocking other characters but you're

still going to want to unlock all the

characters in the game and I will have

videos on how to unlock all of them very

soon so make sure to check the links in

the description or links just anywhere

on this video to see how to unlock the

other characters in the game so thank

you guys for watching make sure to

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