Factory reset any Chinese Phone with Chinese recovery

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hey guys Ricardo welcome to another vlog

tech tips today I'm going to show you

to actually reset a Chinese Android

device that as a Chinese recovery so if

you're basically trying to reset your

device and your seed somewhere Chinese

writing when you're getting to recover

this is a tutorial on how to actually

understand our translate the menu so you

can actually reset your device are right

here by Chinese home this is Kali

Alcatel use of plus you can see the

review on the channel I'll put up a link

somewhere on the screen alright so the

first thing you want to do is to pour

down your device and into the spot off

and depending on your device you might

have a physical home button here have a

capacitive um button meaning it's just

touch sensors here and so you're going

to hold on while the devices off as in

my case I have felt it vibrator means

it's off so I'm gonna old volume don't

I'm going to hit power on the side here

and of course if I add a physical home

button I'll hold on the physical home

button but I don't so I'll dissolve

volume down on Oh sometimes when all