How to unlock car door with child safety lock on

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okay today I'm going to show you how to

unlock a door that the where the lock is

broke the latch is broken outside and

the child safety lock is on let me show

you how to get into this there's two

ways to do this but imma show you one

way that should work pretty much so as

you can see I want to show you

everything the door is unlocked

look it's unlocked and it don't do

anything right you can't open it so I

want to show you this you can try and

open up the other door locate the child

safety lock right and you will hop on

the inside of the car with a hanger a

wire hanger and try to wedge it in

between the door and pull it back you

know usually back is how you unlock it

right you see the child safety lock

right there alright but this how are we

gonna do this one let me show you go