Turn on Child Lock Samsung Washer & Dryer in 3 seconds!


hey youtubers mike boorda that mike

worst channel thank you for watching

we're working on our Samsung washing

machine and in this video step-by-step

process on how to activate or turn on

your child lock

alright youtubers inside the laundry

room and we have a Samsung washer and

Samsung dryer nothing fancy however we

have already added these soap and you're

going to press the power button and

select your cycle setting we want

pregnant press for this specific load

and pay attention to that little padlock

with the smiley face on it and what

we're going to do is select play and now

the cycle is in process however anyone

can come and start pressing buttons and

it will interrupt the actual cycle so

look at this long asterisks right here

hold three seconds come right down here

you will see child lock and it wants you

to press both the soil level and the

spin at the same time for three seconds

looking for that little icon to line up

there it is once that padlock with a

smiley face lights up the child lock is

activated and you can push any button

and it's not going to interrupt your

cycle which is awesome and if you've got

the same exact machine for the dryer

it's the exact same steps hopefully this

helps you to murrs it didn't cost you

any money you didn't get dirty you

didn't break a sweat hopefully this

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thanks again for watching and when it

comes time to disengage the child lock

you'll hold those two for three seconds

once again