How to : activate and deactivate child lock function on a Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine.

right this is a how to garden Mountain

that's vetting deactivate the child walk

on your watch it's time kind of washing

machine so we need to do first is

slightly program you wish it's like the

options that you want as you can see

here there's something a delicate spin

and you just spin to five hundred and

now press options press down until you

get to child walk press okay

push the up-and-down boys together for

five seconds to lock the Machine it's

okay that's back and now you can start


what you won't be able to do right now

is pause machine or change the options

and all you get is that information you

can even turn it off and turn it back on

to the wrong program it will continue

with program but it also keeps them it

will place in parallel slits into the

last few position to unlock it what you

actually have to do is use the up and

down arrows Silla tensely five seconds

it comes up with machine all locked it's

still saying police and programs with

philosophy position so well and now

you're able to pause the Machine and it

will warm us fill up then you can also

change the options and vision cycle

the child walk is now not song at all to

reactivate the child lock you have to go

back into the options menu and you have

to select it before you press Start the

hotshots of this Charlock is also that

the machine will remain locked the

domain marked the programs like to

remain locked until is unlocked even

after the machine is finished so there

you go that is how to operate block

unlock the channel lock feature and your

lecture locks time minder washing


thank you for watching I hope you found

this video helpful