Chicago Electric Miter Saw - Quick Unboxing and Initial Thoughts

one of the first things I noticed was

that this picture the miter saw pictured

here is not actually the one that's on

display and it's got this cheaper

tightening device here I don't know

these plastic knobs let me see if it's

actually that or the one that was on

display yeah check your model number


I'm not actually a big fan of these

lasers there's a little battery

compartment and that's the cover for it

but I honestly I've had lasers on three

or four sides and I've ever used them

they're just kind of to me a waste of

time when you're pulling the saw down if

you do enough of this you'll get the

hang of kind of seen it where it's also

going to hit you just get a feel for it

and don't waste time with adjusting

lasers and batteries and all that so

there are some of the lasers that use a

yes in typical force or whatever they

don't have batteries their gravity type

laser so those are probably the best

what is this little deal right here

does that walk this bag that locks the

blade so you can change the blade so

that's different than the other songs

I've had so anyway it's cheap and

hopefully it'll last a year it's really

all I'm asking if it goes further than

that you know I'll be happy I think I'm

going to be happy anyway just because I

know I didn't pay that much for it I can

beat it up if I want to thanks guys

tomorrow we'll start the little project

so hopefully you can follow that alone

I'm gonna get Alex out here and make him

test stuff