Chi Flow Exercises | How To Push Ki (Out From Your Hands)

this probably isn't a good idea to do a

video now soon as the Sun is going down

I'm going to be quick again I'd like to

start teaching more she exercises on

YouTube channel so one going to do today

is going to give you guys something

which isn't so complicated it's actually

really really easy and it's gonna get

you feeling the wind aspect of it she is

she can be expressed within the body in

in different ways and that's because

energy life force actually manipulates

what is inside of your are chemical

laboratory it can change different

performs different vibrations different

variations of the same thing sometimes

it's person himself as heat and other

times the dressing itself as electricity

but the movie gets you onto those

easy feeling its temperature rising or

lowering aspects for he's gonna get you



we're gonna use your friend do this but

there is one main thing that you have to

be taken into consideration whilst doing

them sex and that is that your blood

acts as a kind of conduit for decent

cheap energy this Chi is kind of like

the wind you can't see it be and just

like the oxygen in the wind that gets

carried into bloodstream achieve this

very similar thing it runs throughout

the very nervous system throughout the

tissues it runs through every part of

your organism actually had a theory

which is a machine only soaks into the

pores of your face but it can also run

down their hairs people say they have

more reason she'd had an experience well

went outside one time many clothes on I

wasn't completely naked but I was

outside and I was just feeling the Chi

in the air noticing howls everywhere and

it would hit my face and run along the

kind of stubble of my beard at the time

now I've noticed that my hair would

stand on end even on my arms and I would

feel these very small channels

or energy flowing into my face and you

know usually you would expect the wind

just to go past your head like you're

blocking it you're a solid object

apparently right that's what we've been

taught but the air was actually going

into my body and sometimes passing

through my head

it's very strange you're gonna get a

feel for that after I teach you this

exercise because this exercise really

does hinge upon the fact or at least

your progression your willingness to

want to continue will hinge upon the

fact of of you noticing the blood flow

changing within your body's anatomy

whilst you're channeling this Chi you're

gonna breathe in through your mouth and

as you breathe in through your mouth

you're gonna have your hand down between

your legs okay now as your head is down

between your legs I want you to blow at

the back of your hand only at the back

of your head and you want to act as if

it's going through your hand and out

yeah you nearly want to make-believe

even if you don't believe that this

thing is even possible just act as if

and you just blow now if you have no

meridians open on your hand you will not

feel anything coming through I don't

want you to have your focus on the palm

of your hand okay if you do have

meridians open though you might become

distracted by the slight flow of energy

coming out your hand but if you're new

to this you won't feel it coming out

your hand

you'll just feel it on the back of your

hand and as you're blowing at the back

of your hand feel the back of your hand

and feel the inside of your hand if you

can feel the air going through and out

through the palm of your hand okay and

you want to do that with your arms

straight you don't want to bend your arm

if you bend your arm

it's like bending a hose I'm sure you've

heard of that many times before keep it


once you get good at this you can bend

your arm and try until you're blue in

the face blow air off your hand I assure

you it won't work the opening of your

mouth is very important if you start

breathing like because you're under the

impression it's gonna be tight that's

what you're gonna get you want to go try

and get as much air out as possible too

the back of your hand and then what you

do is well as her hand is down you move

your head away from the back of your

hand but you want to kind of keep your

attention focus as if it was facing down

if you want you can keep your head down

feel West like to keep your attention

towards your hand and slowly move your

head what's keeping your awareness

facing your hand and go you just blow

out okay with your awareness facing your

hand and your physical head facing this

way and you blowing out acting as if

you're still blowing at the back of your

hand you're gonna notice something

you're gonna notice air coming out of

your hand at first you'll feel a little

bit but very quickly you study this

every day do this every day very quickly

you'll notice that a lot of it comes out

and really fast the development is

pretty amazing I think it's because

you're you're deliberately forcing out

the Chi I'm blocking so many blockages

every time you do it you could sit there

all day doing it and you're gonna notice

it's gonna get better and better and

better now if you want to develop this

and get even more of a refined feeling

then you bring the hand up and then you

make a fist closing those meridian lines

now the meridians are basically choose

within your system where this air flow

this current flows straight through you

carried by the blood oftentimes so when

your hand is down between your legs

you're gonna feel all of the blood

rushing to your hand sometimes and if

you want you can encourage that by

leaning your weight shifting your weight

down into your hand as you're breathing

to the back of your hand there's a

little tip there okay your hand is


pop the thumb up make sure you've got

the hose closed at different points

within your hand not your arm right now

I'm bending my arm all the way don't be

able to see me doing this if you're

going to sit a little further back

probably see me you focus on the tip of

your thumb and you breathe out to the

back of your thumb okay it's probably

gonna get cold with ya but your head

away from your hand and breathe out

keeping your awareness at the tip of

your thumb you're gonna feel it coming

out the tip of your thumb

you work your way along every finger

hopefully I don't have to censor haha

but as you do that you're not only gonna

become very sensitive to the little tiny

Meridian it's a little tiny holes on the

tips of your fingers and thumbs but

you're also gonna feel the channel the

cold channel within your hand as it as

it kind of lights up in a way you become

extra sensitive to it that's pretty much

it guys this is just a quick video for

beginners out there who want to become

chi sensitive using this little quick

breath method you're gonna feel it as if

you're literally breathing through your

hand and this will most likely change

your perception on what wind actually is

I know it did for me subscribe for more

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