Star Wars Battlefront - ALL UNLOCKS | Emotes, Customization's, Weapons, & Star Cards

what's up YouTube Sharma neck soft here

coming at you guys with a brand new

video now today is November 12 2015 and

we are playing Star Wars Battlefront

that's because if you're an EA access

member on Xbox one then you get 5 days

of early access just for being a member

so we're going to go ahead and actually

show you some of the collectibles and

unlocks that they have right here I just

want to take you guys through that so

when you guys go ahead and get the game

here to about 5 days you know what

you're actually looking into now you can

see there's 24 star cards right now 11

different weapons and there's a hundred

and 52 appearance customization items

that's crazy

alright let's start out with right over

here right you can see you have the

rebel the Imperial and the e mode so

let's go down the rebel on real fast

just look at the character on the right

I was going to kind of skirt thrown real

fast you can see that you can go ahead

and customize a lot of different phases

and whatnot like that and there's even

actual character races that you can

unlock as you can see they do have a

credit requirement and sometimes they

even do have like a level requirement in

order to go ahead and unlock these

characters now the rebels tend to seem

to have a lot more characters to unlock

but as you can see there's just so many

heads and bodies that you can actually

pick from it's like sometimes when you

change the head the body will actually

change with the entire outfit set per se

but when you get closer down towards the

bottom that's where we're going to find

the different alien races and whatnot

like that and you will see those are the

ones that have your bigger level

requirements like look at this the

solstein here he's got to be a level 40

and it's 17 thousand credits to unlock

them the duros is level 40 with 17,000

Rodian is also level 40 17,000 the xab

rack which is actually darth maul's race

is also let's see he's 45 rank with a

17,000 the is tip is a 45 with 17,000 so

they also need about 17,000 and the

Quarian is at rank 50 you can get him

and the twi'lek is also at a rank 50 so

you can see how that works now we're to

go over to the Imperial side check out

what the Imperials have to offer all

right we're all the way up here at the


start now snowtroopers what it's saying

arse to me storm trooper that should be

a sand trooper with that

shoulder Pando personally but let's see

which kind of cruising on down again

it's mostly heads not so much to the

body sometimes the body will change the

unlocks down at the bottom are not so

much alien race but they are like

different type of trooper and that's

actually pretty cool you'll see when we

get down here there's a lot of

customization you can do and the emotes

man the emotes are probably one of the

funniest things you know you can

actually go ahead and turn out your

characters one out here goes a scout

trooper unlocks at 40 you've got the

shadow trooper unlocks at 50 so that is

basically your bigger unlocks here for

the Imperial side I wish they had a

little bit more maybe they will

eventually come out with some more later

on but we you know we don't know as of

right now that is what's going to be in

the main game alright so emotes we're

just start from the bottom that's got us

down here alright so at the bottom rank

50 you can see that's where we're

starting and starts out as nothing here

and then we have the boxer then we have

the laughs these are sometimes

somebodies are pretty funny that flex so

when you go ahead and you own your

buddy's in some pvp and whatnot and you

can go ahead and mess what I'm in taunt

and whatnot you can see right there

they're actually keyed into you can set

three at a time

according to your d-pad so there's a lot

of different things that she could go

ahead and do and as you can see the bars

quite long but it's still taking us a

little bit to get up there with a saber

fight that's pretty funny no no the clap

the screen cuffs too easy it's taking a

relaxed check that out see these are

unlocks at 20s and they're actually a

bit more in Cheapside 1250 boom no try

shrug thumbs up no faith

blame denied but somebody's our look at

this latest lay the Droid oh my goodness

Oh Mike we got to see that one again

check that out oh my oh my god don't mr.

Roboto oh that smells you stink come on

a bad feeling about this

any old fist bump and that my friends is

all of the customizations and the

character emotes now under blasters we

have the DLT 19 the d/h 17 the rt-97c

the a28 zero C this is the ca 87 this is

a retrofitted Java blaster this is kind

of like you're a short-range this is

like a shotgun basically right here you

guys get the e 11 you guys seen this

then the T 21 a robust heavy blaster

that delivers massive damage at long

ranges it's only drawback is its slow

rate of fire and lack of optics so

that's kind of like more of I guess a

farther range shotgun maybe I don't know

and then the CEO 14 sees a blaster

pistol fires five-round bursts

meghanadha deal for close quarters

combat that is gonna be quite beastly I

believe then we got the t21 be a retro

excuse me a refined version of the t21

combining its power and heavy blaster

precision range of blaster rifle

ah the e III this my friends this is

Boba Fett's main weapon actually and you

get to use it in the game you can see

you got to be ranked 17 unlock it with

2500 credits but it fires in three round

bursts and it is an absolute animal and

the dl-44 as you can see if you dig at

the deluxe edition you should be getting

this unlocked right away when the game

does release uh if not then you will

have to wait to you are ranked 25 at

least 2500 credits to purchase it but

this is supposedly one of the better

weapons in the game if not one of the

best I mean it's pretty well Beasley's

Han Solo's main weapon alright then we

can go under star cards you see we have

the thermal detonator scout pistol is

actually a star card right here so you

have that you got your ion torpedoes you

got the pulse cannon which is actually a

sniper rifle basic

so if you guys like the cyclic rifle you

may actually like this as well this is

you have to charge this up though that's

basically the weapons damage is

determined by the charge rate so when

you charge it up then that's a good deal

for that then your impact grenade which

is going to actually you know get you on

impact you know saying so that's gonna

sit there and just sit on the field and

try to detonate it'll blow up on impact

got cooling cells will heat some so you

know cool your stuff down yeah I Angra

nades focus fire modification stabilizes

weapon accuracy for a short time ion

shot you know it's basically used

against your true brothers give me your

your turrets and your vehicles and stuff

homing shot this here will actually home

and lock onto an enemy player that's

pretty beast right there you could track

an enemy player just shooter shot of

them like almost I got rocket shot jump

back of course and let's see the jump

pack is at rank 13 now so you guys

remember it was a I believe it was what

five or something in the beta but now at

rank 13 is when you get jump pack so

doesn't come out as early nowadays scan

polls Scout this is a pretty good card

right here this is one of the ones that

actually allow gets better with the more

kills you get it is always active also

you know it says for level 1 sprinting

does not show up on enemy scanner level

2 sprinting and firing your primary

weapon does not show up on enemies

scanner and level 3 is sprinting and

firing your primary weapon does not show

up on enemy scanner and killing enemy

results you know excuse me resets your

weapon heat that's pretty beast

yes survivalist cards you got body cards

smoke grenades there's so much stuff in

this guy's so much content Lee that's

explosive shot flash grenades bounty

hunter perks so many different things

yes personal shields sharpshooters there

it is cyclic rifle you guys member

playing with that psycho rifle now it is

a level 28 weapon that you can unlock

that so it's going to take a little bit

to actually unlock your cyclic rifle now

and then finally we have the bow caster

which is Chewbacca's favorite weapon

back in that day and we is rank 32 but

it actually says depending on the charge

time your bow caster will fire one or

more explosive bolts and a horizontal


so this weapon will arc but it does it

fire explosive bolts and lastly we've

done your star cards your blasters and

your appearance

there is a diorama mode if you guys are

interested in that then you can go ahead

and basically unlock different character

figures and whatnot and actually look at

them in the game and just just to go

ahead and check them out they will

actually say different things underneath

them about how to unlock them and

whatnot but nonetheless it's a pretty

cool little thing in itself just if you

guys are all about collectibles and

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