chevy stereo locked


we're gonna be installing a radio this

one's actually coming out from a car and

I'm putting it on Yukon but we're gonna

actually eliminate the theft light so

this actually came out from a Malibu or

a named Apollo something like that but

it actually bolts up everything plugs in

the same so first thing what we need to

go ahead and do on the radio so we need

to go ahead and unbolt these so one two

three four and then that would be the

fifth so there will be two in the back

of the radio so one two and then on just

this side so we'll bolts one or just up

on top so just pretty much just one bolt

that we need on bolt and then after you

get in a bolted pretty much the radio

will kind of sit like that and then you

slide it right out

lift up pull it back and then that's for

this guy right here

this guy will just literally just pop

out just like that so right here you can

see that one four eight five so I

watched a few videos I guess we have to

break off this chip because that's what

actually reads the VIN so we can

actually just break it off from right

here just go ahead and break it up make

sure you don't damage the solder points

that are right here just break this

without the camera in the way

so here's the chip right here so once

you do this there's pretty much no going


less if you desolder eight then you go

back so I just want you to be fully

aware that take this at your own risk

I'm not responsible for any damages if

it doesn't work and then once we're done

putting everything back together we're

gonna go ahead and do the process for

the radio all right so now that we have

the stereo installed we're gonna go

ahead and put the key on the on position

but not starting so it's gonna say no

VIN take out the key without hope in the

driver door I think you need to do with

this about two to three times close the


no van take out the key do it this time

or the next one it's not this one a


couple seconds okay there we have it so

this one I had to do it took three to

three times or four times so how to do

this one four times for it to work so

obviously you can hear it turn on and

actually want to kind of let's see if it

actually stores a radio so let's put FM

just in case because I don't want to be

resetting these fact they're soul

and I don't have that antenna connected

em right now so let's just say we have

those to take those off

make the right back in okay so yeah that

actually works out pretty great so got

the stereo from again the chevy malibu

spent $20 on the stereo I didn't want to

spend 200 bucks on that save the

customer a couple hundred bucks if this

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