Locked my keys in trunk on 2018 Malibu and how to get them out

all right so this video is for anybody

that's got a Chevy Malibu preferably

maybe say 2016 possibly owing up mais is

a Malibu LT as you can see she's a color

all black you know with a custom grill

on the front but this video is for

anybody who may have you know maybe you

out at the grocery store you shop in the

whatnot you know when you come in you

know your car doors is locked and you uh

you know you're putting your groceries


you know you pop the trunk you know

because you know in the Malibu's on it

on the new model booth I don't

understand what they did is but they

don't give you a an unlock button a

trunk unlock button in the car so now my

keys are locked in the trunk and I'm

going to show you that I can't open the

door I can't open the trunk if you see

right under the bottom there's a little

nuts right there I'll put my hand right

there so you guys can see all right you

see I'm pushing that latch and the trunk

won't open all right so you heard that

beep that's telling me that my my key

fob was left in my trunk so all I do is

you see I come in all you got to do is

when you come in you hit the unlock

button twice one two you come back

around to your trunk you push that same

button see right there the trunk is open

you can now get the keys out of the

trunk you can close the trunk

get in your car you know get in your car

and now you're good to go and that's how

you get your keys out of the trunk on a


I'm pretty certain that we'll work on

the 2016 as well because really what you

know much different so all right please