How to Unlock: 2010 Chevy Impala (without key)

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hi my name is Brian Johnson owner and

operator captain lockpick and today I'm

going to be showing you how to unlock

this 2010 Chevy Impala let's get into it

alright so first up to unlock in this

vehicle is going to be to slide your

airbag into the door Jim I like to start

at the top and just kind of slide it

down and up until you feel it going a

little bit and then you're going to want

to pump it up just enough to where you

have a small crack in the door to where

you can stick a tool into alright so the

next step is going to be to take your

fish hook tool and stick it into the

crack that you just made in the door

like so alright pull your tool out

always remember to deflate your air bed

open up the door grab your keys and

you're good to go

alright thanks for watching my video on

how to unlock this 2010 chevy impala if

you have any questions feel free to drop

them in the comments please like and

subscribe thanks for watching have a

great one