Unlocking hhr stereo

okay guys making this video for all

those Asian shark cars trying to find

out how to unlock their stereo so I got

an ancient shark 2006 and it came

without a stereo I went to young yard

and got out of oh wait and it was locked

so the way to unlock it is you take your

stereo out and so it has two connectors

are here in the back so you connect your

antenna so you're gonna take you gotta

take this one off and then you're gonna

have your key on on take this off your

starts gonna say lock you gotta take it

and then you're gonna repeatedly take

this one off and put it back on until it

reads lock again then once it reads lock

you take it out again and you plug it in

again into a reads locks so you do that

simultaneously like probably for me it

had to do it two times but you could

just probably up to ten times I don't

know you gotta try not yours in it all

of a sudden you're gonna see the clock

just playing on your stereo so that

means this unlock so you press the power

button and then you have a working radio

that's all folks

so this is for the HHR guys for the

locked stereos