Possible way to unlock a Chevy Equinox that the keys are locked in / after working under the hood

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in YouTube this claim oklet's a scene

auto repair' inaccurate engines here in

Grand Rapids Michigan and you're

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so today I've got something super trick

Frank was working underneath the hood of

a car and he said hey clay when it's you

neat trick you could share on YouTube

and I'm like zero I want to see a neat

trick I can share on YouTube so he's

underneath working on the hood working

underneath the car underneath the hood

blah blah he hooks up the battery the

doors lock well the keys are inside the

car what are you gonna do well I'm about

to show you it's pretty super sweet ok

sometimes when you work on a car you

connect the battery and the door is

locked automatically one of the tricks I

found out to not use a slim jim

but it takes very cable

holy crap that's pretty cool brought to