Opening EVERY chest that EXIST in Clash Royale!

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let us help everybody and welcome back

to another clash Royale video on my

channel so today I'll be opening up

every single chest that exists in clash

Royale with your tons of rewards we're

gonna be claiming we do have the chest

from the clan war as well and it's gonna

be so fun so make sure to leave a

comment down below there if you want to

see more chest opening videos in the

future and don't forget to click the

subscribe and like if you do love the

video alright let's take the headset on

so we're gonna clay me the goblins first

is the first reward you get from all the

tours up to 7000 sure fees but yeah

we're claiming the goblins thank you so

much um should we actually pick yep

we're picking the Gaul this doesn't

really matter we do have a golden chest

right here imagine if I'm getting a

legendre from it that would be amazing

nothing cool alright next one here


yeah we'll take the hardware let's do it

200 gold alright we're gonna be choosing

one of these two I guess I'm just

choosing the hunter doesn't really


we're totally maxed out anyways alright