HOW TO USE CHEATS / The Sims 4 Console (PS4, Xbox One)

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hello guys my name is German and I'm the

administrator of the Simms committee

website for this video I'll be

showcasing you guys how to use cheats

for the central console so I'm going to

create a new game to demonstrate what it

looks like to use cheats for a new

household so I will be using a premium

household Purdue and quiz it so we are

about to go and to world menu what you

need to know is the fact that you won't

be able to use cheats until you go into

lit mode and use the testing cheats

through cheat so I'll be talking about

that in just a few seconds

and we are back in LEDs well not back

we've never been here before

is that what you need to know is first

and foremost how to open up the cheat

console so you press l1 l2 r1 and r2 so

the console that I'm using for this

video is PlayStation 4 most of these

controls are almost exactly the same on

Xbox one so for more information about

that the different sets you can check

out our website so the cheats that you

are going to need before using any other

cheat as the testing cheats true so you

can see that I've already used this

before and by pressing done the game