Let's Guide Disgaea 5 Complete - The Cheat Shop

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greetings citizens of the internet I'm

static buzz and we're back with another

let's guide for Disgaea 5 and this one's

gonna be on the cheat shop alright so

how you get the cheat shop is you have

to go to the strategic assembly and you

have to pass that bill if you're not

sure how to do that I have a video that

shows the strategy strategic assembly

strategy assembly and i unlock the cheat

shop in there now this is the default

location for the cheat shop once you

unlocked her strategy

assembly you can actually modify your

netherworld so you can move it but this

is where it will be at by default

cheating is the best all right so what

is the cheat shop it is exactly what it

sounds like the cheats show alright so

I'm gonna turn everything back to

default boom alright so the way this

works is you're gonna have multiple

pages and as you go along you're gonna

unlock a little bit more you can see

there's all these things down here that

you can't do quite yet I'm gonna

actually log into my PlayStation 4

version which end game save that I have

and I'll show you guys everything that's