✅ How To Lock Chase Debit Card With Mobile App 🔴

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hi welcome back guys so today on this

video we are talking about Chase Bank

and more specifically we're going to

talk about how to lock your Chase debit

card on the chase mobile app so let's go

ahead and talk about this if you're not

familiar with Chase it is one of the

largest banking institutions in the u.s.

I'm not sure if they are international

but I believe they are if you happen to

know be sure to leave a comment below

but I Bank with Chase I bank with them

for a very long time and I do have their

app if you don't have their app be sure

to check the video description I'll try

to leave a link there on how to set up

your Chase mobile banking app but I'm

gonna go and open my app now alright I

went ahead and opened up the chase

mobile banking app and again what we're

gonna talk about is how to lock your

Chase debit card why would you want to

do that well there's a couple of

different reasons why you would want to

lock your Chase debit card if you're

anything like me you may have lost your

debit card at one point or another but

not sure if it was stolen or lost and

it's kind of annoying when you report