How To Unlock Weapon CHARMS In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare!

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getting straight into this video this is

going to be a quick tutorial on how to

unlock weapon charms in call of duty

modern warfare if you do not know what

weapon charms are what they are are

these little emblems that go-to on the

side of your weapon they've been in

multiple games before such as pub G

better known in in Rainbow six siege if

they were also supposed to come to

battlefield 5 they're not in the game

yet hopefully they do come real soon

because they add this little piece of

uniqueness and I don't know it's just

really nice it looks really nice on the

side of your weapon

and we're gonna go ahead and show you

today how to go ahead and unlock them in

call of duty modern warfare oh the first

step towards unlocking a charm in call

of duty modern warfare is you have to go

over to your barracks once you're in