How to Unlock All 5 Secret Characters in Super Mario Run (Guide)

super toad run has arrived wait

super peach run no no super Yoshi run

man it's like a party in here after all

there are five other characters that you

can play as besides Mario and we're here

to help you unlock each one the first

character you can nab is toad all you

need to do is connect the game to your

my Nintendo account tap the my Nintendo

option in the upper right corner of the

Kingdom and you'll see a list of rewards

that you can redeem using platinum coins

but toad doesn't require any coins at


he's totally free simply tap him to

redeem the offer then check the gift box

in the kingdom to unlock them and there

you go

you can now play as the fun guy himself

for Princess Peach you just need to play

through all 24 levels in world tour and

defeat Bowser the Royal Highness will

then become playable the remaining three

characters are all unlocked by

recruiting toads to your Kingdom via

toad rally where you challenge other

players by spending toad rally tickets

and thankfully the tickets are

relatively easy to collect you'll get 20

just for purchasing the game and even

more for progressing through the worlds

and collecting the special coins so to

unlock Yoshi you'll need to recruit 30

red toads and 30 yellow toads the

players you challenge show which colored

toads will appear so you can plan who to

take on accordingly once you have enough

go to the shop and buy Yoshi's house

under the special tab and once you build

it the fluttering Dino will be available

to play Luigi is handled in much the

same way except you'll need to recruit

150 green toads and 150 purple toads in

order to unlock Luigi's house buy and

build it to make Mario's overshadowed

bro available to play and finally

there's toadette who has the largest

requirement of toads in order to unlock

her house you'll need to recruit 200 of

each toad color being red blue green

purple and yellow it may take a while

but once you buy and build her house the

fungi will then be available to play too

from that point it all comes down to

which character you prefer as each plays

just a little bit differently with the


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