How To Easily Unlock All Characters FAST | Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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to unlock all the characters in Super

Smash ultimate really quickly you first

need to be in the home screen of your

switch once you're there just start up

your game and we're actually gonna do a

versus battle now doing this method

should take approximately an hour and a

half to two hours depending on your

skill level and what we're gonna do is

we're gonna do custom versus battle so

we're not gonna focus on world of light

and we're not going to focus on classic


now once the game starts you're gonna go

into vs. battle which is located on the

smash section now once you're here

you're gonna make your own rules now the

rules are gonna be 1 stock and CPU level

at 1 and also damage handicap on make

sure you set these rules up because

they're really important the others