How to Unlock ALL CHARACTERS as Fast as Possible in Smash Ultimate

how's everyone doing zero here for the

purpose of this video I want to help you

unlock cactus as fast as possible in

Super Smash Bros ultimate first things

first when you first boot the game you

need to head straight immediately to 1v1

mode now in Spanish result to me you can

unlock characters in a bunch of

different ways the way it works is that

the game has a ten minute timer so

essentially if you meet certain amount

of requirements which we're not entirely

sure which are there's some obscure

requirements some of them are like

walking this dance jump in distance

there's some kind of weird things that

you need to do to unlock certain

characters but we do know for a fact

that you have a ten minute timer between

unlock so you can unlock characters in

less than ten minutes each at least as

the console but there's a few tricks to

get around this so I'll show during the

video now the first things first is that

you want to go into smash and you want

to create a rules to that want to say

are you gonna put the timer for 20



we're gonna save that you can name it

whatever you want it does not matter it

does not make a difference now once you

get through to the master you want to

pick any stage really I will recommend

probably something like final summation

or just any stage maybe higher I'll cast

just any stage that has a bunch of Brown

Peter jump and more now this method will

work easier the more players you have

you could do it with one you can do with

two a little bit better basically what

you want to do is that you want to have

a few people take any calculate with

it's not matter which one and all you

want to do is you actually just want to

walk around and jump around running is

really good and I feel like Harrow is

probably your best bet

simply because you can actually run

against the wall are you can for example

walk towards the was well if that counts

as travel distance as well but the main

guess is that you want to pretty much

just jump around and move around with

both these characters for around 20

minutes this is because the game some

Packer unlocks want you to have a

certain amount of distance before you

can even unlock them all right now we're

almost done with this match keep in mind

you don't have to do what I'm doing

which is like two players moving around

with like two controllers one in each

hand you can play like a pig like an

eighth player free throw like a four

player free throw and have everybody

move there's as long as you make it like

a 20 min imagine you make sure

everybody's moving not just like

standing in place and jump in

so now this will help you on lock

characters because it will it will

basically fill up a bunch of credit here

so the first crack is going to always

appear for you unless you do classic

molar worldwide or sometimes want to be

nested now all you have to do is just

beat mess which is Bai furnace is pretty

simple so shouldn't be too hard for you

to beat mess there you go

so now we beat mess we unlock this now

here's the cool thing of the trick pad

that I can show you so and this game

character is like I mentioned before get

unlocked in a ten minute timers oh so

like for example if I wanted to unlock

another character I will have to play

ten minutes worth of smash ultimate and

then I will get another chance to unlock

another character because why because I

filled a bunch of criteria with the

twenty minute match so now what you can

do is that you go on the menu the whole

menu you're close smash bros ultimate

and you put it up once again what this

does is that it skips the ten minute

cooldown so now all we need to do is

that I need to go into vs. one more time

I need to create a rule set which I'm

just gonna do like one stuck so then I

can just SD and then I'll start on

locking characters every single match so

the way it's gonna work is that I'm

gonna close the game unlock one

character close the game open it again

close and so on so forth basically it's

just a cycle so what we just did it's

gonna be a cycle what we're gonna do for

a bunch of cake


here we go one stuck done you can name

it whatever you want it's not matter now

characters don't actually matter it does

not matter the stages I will recommend a

space that you can easily SD and for

example battle you can just move to the

corner and you're kind of done so anyway

we're gonna go into the stage I'm gonna

SD immediately and as you can see we're

unlocking kick now so this is pretty

much the rinse and repeat method you

want to do this essentially as many

times as you can if for some reason

sometimes there's reports of what that

people will stop unlocking certain

characters like I know that via this

method you can unlock a lot of kick

because you can you can Deacon diff you

can keep going for this really quick and

it makes unlock and kick just way faster

and way quicker also definitely is that

faster place so now what we guys don't

down I'm just gonna do the same thing

again close the game close the game open

it again and we do the exact same thing

again and we'll lock someone else now if

you want to unlock specific characters

let's say for example one of your

favorites very specific characters when

i unlock immediately from the get-go you

can do classic mode and you can do world

of light there's specific characters you

can unlock the pain or who you be

classic with or which routes you take on

world of lights you can access these

characters quicker there's so where you

unlock them on versus one as far as I

understand it's actually a set order so

for example I knew Ness was gonna be

first and I knew Zelda's maybe second it

wasn't a surprise but if you want

specific characters I actually am linked

in a link in the description below the

Google document and this Google document

you'll see which characters you can

unlock the classic mode of world of

light so you guys can get to your

favorites really quick but this is the

fastest way for you to bulk unlock

cactus because this method is much

quicker than beating classic or doing

one match in the world of light is you

have to walk around you'll forget

through it pick your spirits and all

that it takes a while is

basically just rinse and repeat

thoughtless just just bought imagine

right here we're on lucky characters

really quick I know that's gonna be the

best method to do so because 74

characters I mean that's gonna take a

while otherwise this you have this

method you can unlock every character

and pretty much day one you can just do

it the same afternoon you get the game

they want you can just do this method

you can just get every character as you

can see we just unlock three characters

are in this video very easily like if I

did this via normal methods it would

have took me have very minimum don't

lock three characters 30 minutes because

you can see we have unlock multiple

characters very easily now the reason is

D against Bowser here is because I want

to show you something very cool if you

actually lose against any Challenger

let's say you unlock it Calculon you

lose to them you can actually you have a

chance of getting them back if you

unlock another character so it's not the

end of the world like for example if I

were to SD right here you'll see




as you can see I lost on purpose to

Bowser and then even then I still got

another character the very next match

it's not a big deal if you lose to one

of the new challenges you can actually

just just lose to them if you want to so

yeah like I said it's not a big deal of

you actually lose to challengers in

games are more there's an option that

will get unlocked and the bottom right

here which basically you get the chance

to reach allenge challengers that you

have lost to the this option will

honestly just pop up randomly I've seen

it disappear for no real reason it

appears back for no reason it's just

it's just kind of comes and goes but

once you access this menu it will

essentially just allow you to rematch

all the challenges you have loved to and

it makes it really quick so like don't

be afraid of you lose to one of the

challengers the CPUs out I have a

suspicion that they get progressively

harder but regardless I mean their

computers than that really that the

pickle so should be very easy to almost

first try almost pretty much all of them

but if for some reason you miss any of

them no big deal you can just rematch

them you can just keep unlocking

characters via this method and if you

miss a few of them you can just keep

checking for the secret mode and

eventually it'll pop up then you get to

challenge those guys again and then you

get them anyway


as you can see I'm just unlocking cat

after cat after cat character character

this is really really really simple and

easy process hey I believe that this

combined with using plastic and world

life to unlock specific favorites that

you want plus doing this method that I

mentioned I feel like it's gonna be

extremely easy for you guys to get your

favorite characters in under one hour

like it wouldn't surprise me if you can

just get almost every character within

like two hours or three hours of trying

this like it's not it's not very long at

all day long are the days of believing

the console overnight for merely to give

me through this is you can get every

character they want and the same

afternoon you get the game easily

regardless guys that's my guide on how

to unlock characters as fast as possible

I also want to give a shout out to

shares dr for actually helping me with

this video

he was the first tune who I believe

discovered his method so shout out to

him as well for death well guys thank

you so much for watching this video

hopefully this will help you unlock all

the cactus as fast as possible and see

you guys on the battlefield see you guys

online take care everyone and thanks for