How To Unlock Characters in WWE 2K17 (New in game currency)

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so ww2 k17 is doing something new where

you unlock everything in the game with

an in-game currency kind of like how NBA

2k 17 does it with vici they're going to

actually do the same thing with WWE 2k

17 but the cool thing is you get 200,000

right off the bat when you open the game

so you can buy a few of your favorite

superstars I'm going to go down there

and I want to buy Stone Cold Steve

Austin then I'm going to end up buying

the rock and I'm going to have a little

bit of VC left over but you guys are

probably wondering well they give me

200,000 VC that's cool and all how do I

earn VC well I'm going to show you guys

you get VC from playing any type of

match I'm going to load up a single

smash someone do Brock Lesnar vs. Bell

Goldberg it's a hot room right now that

these guys are going to fight Goldberg

is going to be on Monday Night Raw next

week so I figure this would be a good

match for the video I'm going to show

you guys how the VC system works alright

now that we're in a match every time you

perform a move you're going to get VC so

right here right off the start I sprint

at Lesnar hit him with a clothesline I

got 100 that's going to be 100 VC