Mario Kart Wii - Unlockables - Basics & Characters

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hey guys it's madam Wario and welcome to

the unlockable sequences of Mario Kart

Wii I'll be covering all the unlockable

content in the game and either this

video or the next few videos I'm not

sure how long this will take

so I don't want to try and guess but it

could be one video it could be two or

three so we'll just see what happens and

how long this takes but I'm going to get

started by talking about how to unlock a

pretty basic stuff so to unlock mirror

mode that's what I'll start out with you

have to get a gold trophy in all of the

150 CC cups so if you want unlock mirror

mode that's what you have to do and um I

also wanted to point this out because I

hadn't pointed this out before this is

pretty basic but just in case you've

never played Mario Kart or like you

don't know how this works when you first

get the game you only a mushroom cup

flower cup banana and shell Cup unlocked

and to unlock say you want to unlock

Star Cup you have to get if you have to

get a trophy on mushroom and flower Cup

to unlock star Cup and then you have to

get a trophy on star cup to unlock a

special Cup um

and then same goes for these you have to