How to Unlock ALL Blackout Characters in 5 min! Full Guide (Black Ops 4)

so all right I will go through how to

obtain all the current characters

available in the game right now I

believe most of the placement is the

same but I haven't gotten this confirmed

so for solo it's around top 15 in duos

top 10 and in quads around top 3 and 5

but I'm not completely sure with this

you just try to stay alive as long as

possible and you can always check into

your inventory on the quest item if you

actually got the placement down or not

and if you got the placement checked off

on the quest item you can use dye as

long as you have the item in the

inventory you will get the character

right so with that out of the way let's

dive into it so to unlock ruin you need

to find his punching mates there are

free locations where you can find it on

top of the lighthouse on the asylum roof

and on the big crane that holds the

crate next to the helipad at the

construction site in the beginning of

the game you just make your way there

with your glider and land on top here if

you're lucky they spawn just grab them

and jump down with your glider then we

have the asylum roof super easy as well

you just drop from the start and glide

down you slant on the roof and hopefully

it's spawned in this video right here it

didn't spawn but hopefully you guys are

a bit more lucky the last one is on the

construction site crane a bit harder to

land on I actually tried only once to

land on it and I failed so I stopped

here normally and I was lucky enough to

find a grappling hook so you just made

my way up there with a grappling hook

and voila it was there it actually took

me three times but you can also make

your way up to all of these using a

shopper or a grappling hook all free

picked up the punching meats you need to

get a close quarter kill the boxing

gloves may fool you but you can actually

use your gun

so you just make sure that you're close

I would recommend is some deer or

shotgun but I mean any gun works

moving on to Seraph you need to head to

the firing range you drop in this

building and you look for a box here on

the table it doesn't have 100% spawn

rate but if it's there just shoot this

white firing down my hair with a pistol

and then the box will open and you get

the Annihilator

when you got in the UH naya later you

just get one kill with it it needs to be

a killer not only I'll clean up right so

make sure that you down somebody with a

pistol and then finish the kill then all

you have to do is survive the top 15 in

solos top 10 in duels or top

three five or something in squats as I

said before just try to survive as long

as possible next up we have two

character quest items that you can find

in the Green stashes all around the map

the Green stashes have oranjee spawn so

they are not always there so starting

off with fire break you need to find the

burn doll which as I said before it's

located in the green stashes around the

map you have to get a confirmed kill or

clean up a don't play with fire so this

would be easiest down induce or squad

use knock a player and then toss a

Molotov on on him and you get the

cleanup kill and placement doesn't

matter so that's all I have to do then

we have recon to unlock recon you need

to obtain King coin which you can also

find in the green stashes then all you

have to do is to avoid the damage from

the collapse so don't take a damage from

the circle and then finish in our top

placement with the same coin in the


moving on to crash to unlock crash you

need to find his poker ships which you

can find in the medic stashes to easily

get 15 healing items stock up on the

first aid bandage since they stack up to

10 so you just have 15 of those then all

you have to do is to get the placement

solos 15 do is top 10 quads top 7 then

the rest of the free characters you need

to grind the supply drops right so

starting with battery to unlock battery

you need to get 2 kills not knocks you

actually need to get the kill with the

grenade launcher called war machine and

finish the game with it in the inventory

placement doesn't matter here and as I

said you can only find the war machine

in the supply row then we have nomads

you need to find the journal stacks

which are also located in supplier of

and you need to kill free specialist

skins while having the tag in your

inventory this one can be a bit harder

but the more people grind the more

you're gonna find those skins right and

Ja the placement here doesn't matter

their profit it's the only one which you

have to win again with to actually

complete so a bit harder you will need

to find the ocular professed ik which

you can find in the supply ropes then

you need to free active perks when you

win the game and the ocular professed ik

in your inventory so make sure that you

have free perks ready for the last

encounter or that would actually last it

encounter because when you win the game

the perks needs to be active then we

have torque you need to find the note

from torque which is located in the

supply rope and you also need to deploy

two razor wires and

barricade which may sound a bit hard but

when you do find the note from torque in

the Supply Drop also the barricade and

the razor wires will be there you deploy

the two razor wires and barricade and

then just get a top placement 15 for

solos top 10 for duo's and top 7 for


then we have a jacks to unlock a jacks

you need to find free broken armor

plates which you can get out of players

you kill finish the game with them in

your inventory placement doesn't matter

and yeah that's all of the specialist

characters that currently out in the

game there's also a really cool

character called Hudson but the only way

to currently unlock him is to level up

your contraband to 198 which takes i

insane amount of time or you could buy

it with the call of duty points but

that's around like how many to two

hundred dollars to do there's also a

Samba character available right now

called Shadow Man which you get with the

the battle paths you actually have to

pay for that

then black out have their own character

that you unlock from rank 20 to 80 plus

you get Ranger a column at rank 20 you

get frogman aculon at rank 40 airborne

at rank 60 seal at rank 80 and battle

hardened at rank

a d-plus so pretty straightforward but

that's all for this video hope you guys

found this fast and helpful and if you

have any questions you put them in the

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