Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - How to UNLOCK all Character Variations / Skins

what is going on everyone just wanted to

make a quick video because I've seen

some people commenting on my Marvel vs.

Capcom infinite skins video about asking

how to unlock the third and fourth skin

or color variation for the characters in

the game and now I know a lot of you are

complaining about the lack of variety

among the skins but that is not what

we're here to discuss today if you want

to discuss that there's a whole bunch of

people commenting on the other video

about the different types of skins or

maybe the effort that was put into them

so you can go join that if you want I've

put the link to the video in the

description below check that one out you

can also see all the skins that are in

the game if you are interested just

because I will not be going over them in

this video but to be honest there are a

few of really cool ones that I do enjoy

that are locked behind the third and

fourth skin for each character

now when you do load the game only the

first and second are unlocked I do

believe for each character if you want

anything else then you have to unlock

them for example if you want pink Ultron

or if you want Red Hulk which i think is

really cool because it also gives them

the yellow eyes there's a few other

really cool ones as well I do like this

spider-man skin but some of them are

rather bland for example rocky was

please don't really do anything and just

kind of look mediocre but whatever

that's a totally different discussion

like I said I just wanted to show you

guys what I believe the quickest way to

unlock these skins in the game are

especially if you want to look different

than everybody else online now that it

is launch date so of course what you can

do is play online matches if you're

gonna grind out some online matches and

you don't care about unlocking them

right now definitely go ahead and play

online you will unlock them naturally

through your matches

however if like me you want to grind

them out and get them immediately

then the fastest way to do it is

actually through our Kade mode now

there's two ways you can do that as well

you can just play through arcade mode a

whole bunch of times and you will unlock

them basically completing arcade mode

with the character gives you a skin or

the third color barians if you want to

unlock the fourth one you just need to

complete arcade mode with them again so

the way I did it was just pick

started with schreiter in our 30 I did

it once I have put them around I think

Arthur as my main and Strider as my

second and then I did it again

two times unlocked bolt skins reach

character you do need to do quite a few

playthroughs but there is a way that you

can speed it up if some people might

look down upon it but if you are just

trying to gain skins very quickly four

characters this is the way to do it in

my opinion change the difficulty to very

easy increase the damage to highest you

can set time to 99 usually the rounds

aren't going to go longer than 10

seconds this way but it's up to you if

you want to put it however long you want

you could shorten it to it's really your

choice but doing it this way makes it

really easy to complete the matches you

don't really need to do much work at all

now the other thing that you can do to

increase the speed up to which you're

gonna do this is you actually don't need

to complete the full Arcade Mode to get

the skin I'm gonna show you some

gameplay on this screen here I'll cut

over to it just something I've got

recorded a little bit earlier but you

can quit out after defeating Ultra Sigma

you will still get the skin that does

save you a good amount of time because

the ultra no mega fight can sometimes be

a little bit long even on the highest

damage it's just not necessarily the

quickest and then you have to skip

through the cards after that it does out

a couple minutes especially if you're

gonna be grinding for every single

character so once you get to ultron

Sigma defeat em load into the ultra

sorry the ultra Omega battle and then

quit out to the main menu

it specifically has to be the main menu

it cannot be the character select screen

or else the skins won't along after you

go to the main menu you should get a

little pop-up like you might see on the

screen here just indicating what skins

you've unlocked at which point you can

rinse and repeat I was finding that on

average it was taking me about six or

seven minutes to run sometimes less

sometimes a little bit more depending on

the character I was using the characters

I was using at a time so yep that's what

I believe the quickest way to unlock the

skins are here from wrong I do believe

the online one is a little bit more

giant but anyways yeah that's how you

guys can unlock the skins for your

favorite characters and yeah I mean some

of them are pretty cool so get doing it

and we'll see you all online with those

fresh skins anyways thank you so much

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