Mario Kart 8 - How to Unlock Everything (All Characters and Vehicle Parts) Wii U

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hey guys it's Troy here with a quick

video explaining how to get all the

characters and vehicles in Mario Kart 8

four characters all you have to do is

get first place on any GP to unlock the

character this works for 13 out of the

14 unlockable characters the only other

one is the meet and you unlock the me by

getting first place on an entire cc of

cups it could be 50 100 150 or mirror

you just have to get first on all eight

cups and on the 8th one you unlock the

meet now for vehicle parts all you have

to do is get every 50 coins you lock a

random one but once you reach a thousand

points it takes every hundred coins to

unlock a random vehicle part all of them

are random unlocks except for three the

gold glider gold cart and gold tires for

the gold part all you have to do is get

a 1 star making on every cc

but since 150 CC transfers down you

really only have to get start making on

150 CC and miR mode because

100cc 850cc automatically give you a

star ranking when you've got a star on


now for gold tires you have to be all

the Nintendo staff ghosts on all 32

tracks and for the gold glider this one